Chief Lukwesa backs customary land ban
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CHIEF Lukwesa of the Lunda people in Mwense District has said the move by Government to ban the sale of customary land by traditional leaders will stop chiefs from abusing their power on land allocation in chiefdoms.

Chief Lukwesa of Luapula Province said it was regrettable that some chiefs had sold huge chunks of land to foreigners at the expense of their subjects in chiefdoms.

The traditional leader said it must be acknowledged that the move by the Government was meant to protect and empower ordinary Zambians, especially the vulnerable.

“It is regrettable that some chiefs are abusing their powers by selling land to foreigners at the expense of their subjects who should benefit.

“Let Zambians view this in a broader perspective and realise that the Zambian population is growing and if all the land is sold out in huge chucks to foreigners where will the younger generation get land,” Chief Lukwesa said.

He said Zambians should be mindful that chiefs were the custodians of land on behalf of their subjects.

The Government recently banned the sale of customary land by traditional leaders, saying it wanted to introduce policies that would ensure transparency in the issuance and management of customary land.

Minister of Lands Harry Kalaba said the Government was, however, aware that not all chiefs were involved in the illegal sale of customary land.

Councils countrywide have so far been directed to stop processing any papers related to the sale of customary land.

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