Political cadres must be cared for
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Letters to the Editor -LogoAll political parties should clearly state in their manifestos how they are going to take care of their cadres.
Our society today cannot run away from the fact that cadres are not only an integral part of our political systems but that they play a very important role in ensuring that their respective political parties win elections.
Political cadres are like corporals in the army that fight on the battle front. Political cadres have the in-built audacity in their Deoxyribonucleic acid  (DNA) to take very courageous and brave tasks that cannot be taken by any other ordinary citizen.
No political party can stand with its head high and trivialise the role that political cadres play.
In addition political cadres have continued to play an important role of acting as a reliable reservoir for gathering intelligence for the country’s intelligence network.
Because of the role and risks that political cadres take and if not handled well are capable of doing anything without fear. If cadres are not looked after well they are so fearless and can go to an extent of storming any office and engage in numerous illegalities including the illegal allocation of land.
It is for this reason that respective parties should formulate ‘Economic Baracks” for their cadres were they are integrated in society by rewarding them with good jobs for those that have qualifications and provide financial opportunities to those with the business acumen if we have to see sanity in the countries political arena.
Joel Lungu

PF Govt deserves praise

The simultaneous unprecedented developments taking place throughout the country encompassing the road sector and construction component of the whole economy is too prominent to ignore. Each time I try to conceptualise as to why previous governments which had lengthy aggregate tenures of office could not do what the PF government is doing in less than three years of taking office, I am left astounded.
To some, such capital projects matter less than having food on the table not realising that food is a product of a good communication system especially the road network or better still transport sector. It is for this reason that President Sata saw the need to inter-link our country through the coined Link–Zambia programme which will effectively cut on time and its attendant costs; which economists refer to as opportunity cost.
Sometimes these wonderful projects can only be appreciated in a solemn way when we lose our beloved ones in tragic Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) as a result of bad roads.
God forbid!
Therefore, even this momentary depreciation of the Kwacha and perceived poor business trends are keenly subdued by the said unprecedented developments which are most likely will trigger a stronger Kwacha as they near completion due to reduced importation of essential materials needed for road construction purposes. In this regard, only patience is cardinal
Macdonald Mulongoti

discipline your child, not punish!

To prevent child delinquency and rebellion that counters expectations of independence, parents need to filter undesirable traits in disciplining their young ones. To discipline means to instruct, correct not necessarily to punish.
So screaming at children, name-calling them using sarcasm, heavy criticism does not amount to discipline. It is abusing children which is tantamount to domestic violence!
Let anger and frustrations be applied as a discipline measure.
Let patience and love be the motivating factor. When under the heat of rage, allow time to cool down to correct a child and reason with him or her the wrongness of their course.
Elinati Tembo

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