ZAFFICO decision off mark
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The letter written by one Disappointed Timber Merchant which appeared in the Times of Zambia of 10th January in which he challenged ZAFFICO’s decision not to admit new people in the saw milling business cannot pass without any comment.

I am one of the many victims who has been affected by that poor decision by ZAFFICO.

The writer has raised very valid points. There is need to streamline the issuing of licences by ZAFFICO. What has so far happened leaves much to be desired. How can one explain the situation whereby some traders have several licences?

Is it an act of corruption? If so then we need a thorough investigations by the security wings.

ZAFFICO should be reminded that they are running a state company and not a back-yard Kantemba where decisions are made without due regard to the interests of the people of Zambia. 

If ZAFFICO was interested in fair play for sawmill dealers, all it had to do was to equally re-distribute the current monthly quota of  logs to all members including the new ones.

It could further re-allocate more logs to the saw mill dealers after sorting out the excess licences without further depletion of trees. 

This is very simple and everyone would be happy rather than the current monopolistic arrangement which is being advanced by ZAFFICO for their own interests.

This Government has put it very clear that it wants Zambians to have money in their pockets. We therefore expect ZAFFICO Management to revisit their decision quickly.

I finally appeal to the Government to speedily implement the formation of the IDC. Apart from directing investments in other less attractive areas, the IDC would also supervise state companies like ZAFFICO and make them more accountable to the Zambian people.

Timber Merchant To Be

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