Starting Grade one at 7
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WHY is the Ministry of Education forcing parents and or guardians not to have their children start primary school until they are six or seven-years-old?

 Some people say starting school before six year has a damaging pressure on concerned children to perform in class but I think to some children this does not apply.

There are children who have succeeded in their upper grades and yet they started grade one at four-years-old.

 What we must bear in mind is that some children are early and quick learners, they seem to assimilate information very fast. Such children must not be held back just because they are not yet six or above to start grade one I feel the Government through the Ministry of Education must allow children start full-time (grade one) schooling at the age of four or five.

 All those aged four and five could be formally tested as the entrance to grade one.

Can someone convince me on the benefits of children starting school at the age of seven? When I say starting school I mean starting grade one.

Those children from pre-school who have proved themselves that they can proceed to grade one let them do so for progress’s sake regardless of age.



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