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Letters to the Editor -LogoI write to comment on one of the letters that appeared in the Times of Zambia last week by one of the readers on the need for deep reforms at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
It made very good reading and I would also like to add a voice to the debate.
Frankly speaking, the ICC has become a tool in the hands of the Western world which is being used to victimise African regimes which seem not to support the Western political philosophy.
It is time for the ICC to undergo reforms in order to become a true court instead of being the West’s political tool for chasing independent and unwanted African leaders.
African leaders through the African Union (AU) should stand up and strategise on how these reforms can be carried out so that a fair game can be played world over other than the current situation where the ICC has been used to embarrass and disgrace African leaders.
As can be seen, most African leaders with independent thinking are the target of the ICC, a good example is Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe.
No wonder, Mr Mugabe doesn’t want to step down because he knows that immediately he leaves office, the West and its allies will descend on him using institutions such as the ICC.
There are so many atrocities that have been committed as a result of wars which the West backed but none of these countries or their leaders have ended up at The Hague.
If the ICC is to be considered fair, it should cast the net wide and also prosecute other leaders from the powerful nations which I will not mention for now but are there to be seen by all.
We need to ensure that as African countries, we unite in order to strike better deals that would help maintain our individual sovereignty so that we can meet the many challenges we are faced with.
Zambia can learn from Rwanda which has so far done a lot of work to rebuild itself. Ethiopia too is another model. Ethiopia is developing at a fast pace and this has all got to do with that country’s policies.
So, if the entire Africa was to unite under the auspices of the AU, a great deal of work can be done to develop this great, rich but poor continent.
Temwani Zimba

ECZ attackers caned

The recent attack on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) officials who are conducting the voter registration exercise in Central Province is a sad event and must be condemned by all well meaning Zambians.
It is however, gratifying that the Head of State has called on law enforcement agencies to corner all those involved and bring them to book.
For whatever reason, one wonders why innocent workers doing a noble job should be attacked?
The voter registration exercise is meant to empower people so that they are able to enjoy their constitutional right to cast their vote in a democratic dispensation.
The ECZ officers must be allowed to do their job without any undue hindrance.
Secondly, this is a timely warning that there are people out there who would want to cause confusion and disturb the voter registration exercise.
Police and Government should put in place serious measures to ensure that people with such ill motives are prevented or stopped from committing such acts.
Let us allow the ECZ officers to conduct their job without intimidation. Political parties should just encourage their members to register in numbers instead of perpetrating violence.
And as per directive by the President Edgar Lungu, police should ensure that those behind the attack on ECZ officials in Central Province are brought to book so that they could face the law.
This is the only way would be offenders will be deterred.
Concerned Citizen

Embrace healthy criticism

AS can be seen from the daily rantings on radio and some newspapers, some opposition political parties seem to be frustrated and have decided to go out there and insult President Lungu.
It is only in Zambia where a Head of State is subjected to ridicule and insults.
It is not right for people especially the politicians to be insulting the President.
This sends a wrong message to the outside world.
The Presidency should be respected, that is not to say that he should not be criticised.
Criticism is healthy, but let it come in a sober manner and with good intention. If we are not careful, the country will soon become a laughing stock.
This is so, because we have opened up the Presidency to ridicule and all kinds of scorn.
I have noted that on a daily basis, there are people who are issuing disparaging remarks against the President with no proper explanation or reason.
President Lungu has just been there for seven months and should be allowed to govern the country in peace.
There have been problems in the country and these can not only hang on President Lungu’s neck. But from the attacks coming in, it can be seen that these are personal. They are meant to demean the President and have nothing to do with his work.
Imagine people sinking so low as to start talking about the President’s suits.  Do you want the President to walk in rags? What is happening is sad and I feel Zambians should stand up and defend him.
The man should be given space to rule and should not be disturbed by petty politics being exhibited in the political cycles.

‘Wrong’ Levy Stadium fire fighting tools irk expert

I wish to bring this issue to the attention of whoever is responsible for the maintanance of the Levy Mwanawasa stadium.
I went to watch a football match on Sunday, August 30, 2015 and I was very disappointed to see that the fire fighting equipment which were installed on each floor have been vandalised.
The other observation I made is that the specifications of fire fighting equipment which has been installed at the stadium is Chinese and yet that of our fire engines at the fire brigade is British.
I don’t know if the local fire brigade has observed this. In case of fire breaking out, firemen will have problems in connecting fire hoses and branches. Let somebody act on this issue before our modern stadium goes up in flames.
Rt Fire Officer

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