Mmatema hot favourite for SA Idols
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TV review logo -Sam Phiri NewTHE interesting SA Idols Season 11 on Mzansi Magic DStv Channel 161 is almost reaching its zenith such that this platform has even predicted the winner after the Top 10 gave out their best in last Sunday’s attention-grabbing show.
The Top 10 hopefuls last Sunday performed before judges and a huge number of fans in the audience for the votes at the State Theatre in Pretoria.
From what this platform saw during the larger-than-life performances, I can comfortably give you the name of the winner, if not the second runners-up!
This platform is putting its money on 23-year-old Mmatema Moremi from Limpopo as the winner of Season 11 of Idols SA.
From inception, this young lady has proved her vocal prowess beyond measure, which makes it easy for me to bet on her name.
In case you missed last week’s idols edition, Mmatema was the last to perform. Just as if to keep the best for last, she put up a sweeping performance which left almost everyone on their feet.
Performing the spirited Tina Turner classic, “River Deep, Mountain High,” she did what she is there for such that Gareth said she looked and sounded like one of the classic singers from the 60s and she gave him goose bumps.
“You are wiping the floor … other contestants, my child! God has blessed you,” Somizi exclaimed. He placed her on the same level as Ms Turner herself and Céline Dion’s interpretation of that song.
After rating another earlier contestant as the performance of the night, Unathi was speechless after seeing Mmatema’s outstanding performance. She just had to say Mmatema is untouchable. “You must be unapologetic about your gift,” she said in her few words.
Now the classic comment came from Randall Abrams who made Mmatema shed tears in disbelief that she could receive such praise from the likes of the ‘mean’ Randall who said:
“Earlier, Unathi said someone’s performance was her performance of the night, but it isn’t over until Mmatema sings …” what short but loaded statement.
The theme for this important Spectacular was “Judges’ Choice”, with Randall Abrahams, Gareth Cliff, Unathi Msengana, and Somizi Mhlongo each submitting songs for each contestant to choose from.
The contestants chose their favourite song to perform, but they had no idea which judge submitted which song – that was only revealed right before each performance.
Tonight at 18:00 hours CAT more drama is expected as more elimination is expected to take place.
Other contestants who might be facing the dreaded exit door tonight include 22-year-old Elwira Standili from Worcester, 24-year-old Karabo Mogane from Nelspruit, and 22-year-old Amanda Antony from Port Elizabeth.
Others are, 24-year-old Siphelele Ngcobo  from Inanda, 21-year-old Dineo Moseki  from Vryburg ,another  21-year-old Rhema Varrie  from Alberton,  24 year old Lungisa Xhamela  from Langa in the Cape , 20-year-old Nadia Herbs from Paarl and the youngest of all the 16-year-old Loyiso Gijana  from Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.
Whose Idols Season 11 road ends tonight?
Now, Last week I gave my opinion on the poorly staged Born and Bred Award by ZNBC; a week after many enthusiasts of the event had passed their own.
Apparently, it was as if the opinion from this platform reignited the topic as many ardent followers of this column gave interesting feedback and suggestions.
This is surely good for ZNBC as it clearly shows that viewers have faith and love for the national broadcaster and would do anything to see it attain international broadcasting heights.
Let me commend ZNBC corporate affairs management, Masuzyo Ndhlovu to be specific, for taking our criticism positively and making necessary adjustments to the flaws that were highlighted on the issue of soccer highlights. This is encouraging!
Last week during the main news anchored by Chilufya Mwelwa and Patricia Elis, ZNBC at least showed highlights of the MTN FAZ Super Division League the way they are supposed to be done. This was good.
Now, on Monday afternoon, I received a phone call from one senior citizen from Kitwe who was agreeing with this platform on the issue of two “serious” newscasters Golden Mulelabai and Samuel Manchishi.
He says it is disappointingly true that these gentlemen have taken news casting with extreme seriousness on their faces.
“I would like to concur with you Sam on this matter only that you need to include one more name, Chitalu Mulenga,” he says.
Anyway, I do not have any problem with their offering only that it looks so abnormal that one can’t even smile after casting a hilarious item. It is just as off as one smiling when reading tear-jerking news.
Still on last week’s edition, let me share with you one interesting mail one Muzinge Nakazwe Nampito who writes:
I would like to commend you for the article/review of the Born and Bred Awards show. Yes it had many challenges and it is good you and other people have pointed them out to ZNBC so that they can work on them.
Honestly, there is room for improvement. The show was not perfect, but it is some effort.
The issue of poorly dressed artists came out prominent in some sections of society. My proposal to ZNBC Born and Bred Team is that they should start a Fashion Police show strictly looking at the cloths and fashion that was exhibited by the artists after such a show.
I believe this will help our artists to put effort in what they will wear. They can get some experts we have in fashion, a panel of three of four to discuss on television for about 30 or 45minutes-naming the worst dressed/best dressed etc.
I am sure a sponsor for such a show could be found. They could even air the first one for free and advertisers would see the popularity of such a show and take it up.
That is my proposal-please pass it on to ZNBC through your wonderful column. Thank you.
I remain,
Muzinge Nakazwe Nampito”
Thank you so much Nakazwe, I will not add but leave it to ZNBC to digest this brilliant idea or perhaps engage you in its formulation.
I end here today but please let us continue interacting on 0962215687 , 0955362470  or email

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