How to keep clean, healthy nails
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Beautifully Healthy LogoTRUST and believe that your week went well. Today we look at Healthy Nail Care and no I am not just talking about Manicures or Pedis but overall nail care.

According to Mayo Clinic;

Your fingernails are composed of laminated layers of a protein called keratin which grows from the area at the base of the nail under your cuticle.

As new cells grow, older cells become hard and compacted and are eventually pushed out toward your fingertips.

Nails are often the most over looked body part and actually they are often the most abused.

Some women think by painting them or putting tips or stick ons that that they are doing their nails justice but no revise your thinking.

Men on the other hand think that being concerned or fussy about nails is totally for women but this is wrong as the nails are an extension of your body.

Please do not get me wrong as I like many other people find long nails on a man (especially on the pinky) rather shabby.

There are quite a number of habits you can employ to ensure cleaner, stronger and healthier nails.

The first and most common, Biting nails (I know you have a guilty look when reading this).

“Biting nails or being too aggressive when cleaning out under the nail can create stress fractures on the corners of the edges and eventually cause breaks,” says Kimmie Kyees, a famous Beautician”

Also, rubbing the top of your nails – it’s a nervous habit some women have and it may cause severe ridges in the top of the nail plate.”

Ensure that you dry your nails after immersing them in water to ensure strength, they are porous and absorb water easily which can lead to weakness and tearing.

Keeping them dry also prevents nasty bacteria, fungi and other creepy organisms from growing under your fingernails.

Cut your nails regularly, this is quite obvious, first of all for the simple reason that dirt does not embed itself easily on short nails but they also look better.

Use a moisturiser on your hands and ensure that some of it makes its way into your finger nails.

Wear gloves in cold weather so that your nails are kept safe and not brittle which leads to breaking.

Keep away from harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and toluene can as these are not only dangerous when inhaled but are terrible when applied on your skin.

For the women who love Acryllic Nails, please invest in a good sunscreen and apply it on your hands and feet before you go into the LED or UV Light lamps.

Take Vitamin Supplements such as Biotin, you can also buy those Vitamin E capsules, pop them and apply regularly in your finger nails and on the nails.

In this same vein you must also eat a lot of protein rich foods such as eggs, chicken, fish and vegetables plus lots of water.

According to Huffington Post: The actual nail forms just below the cuticle, and when you massage the cuticle you bring blood into that area of the nail which promotes healthier nail growth”,

“It’s more about the action of massaging and getting the blood flowing than an actual treatment.”

Ensure that you have a nail file handy to file away imperfections and ensure thy hands are smooth, just don’t file too roughly as this too is not safe.

Do not use your nails as a tool please, you will stress them, and you will break them, not a pretty sight.

Do not pull your hangnail, or any areas’ surrounding your nails; not only is the pain horrendous you stand a chance of infecting yourself.

When you go for a manicure, speak up if your beautician is filing too hard, this will cause breakage.

Ladies please also give those nail treatments a rest, continuous gluing of tips and stick- ons is not safe for your nails, stay without them for at least two weeks.

Be wary of Nail polish removers as Acetone dries up your nails, the less frequently you use it the better.

Adding a tablespoon of salt to water can help relieve the pain that comes from ingrown nails, this solution also helps when you need to trim tough nails.

Like I always say if you see any changes in your nails appearance such as discolouration, any growths, paleness, extreme weakness go to a Doctor.

Changes in nail appearance can be a sign of serious ailments such as anaemia, psoriasis.

A potent home remedy is Mixing olive oil with lemon juice after washing your hands with luke warm water, applying it and putting on gloves over night.

See if your hands don’t thank you in the morning.

So that’s it folks until next week. Meanwhile I know that some people get questions on issues we have already tackled here.

Best thing is to regularly check my blog for any updates and old articles, email me at and Follow me on Twitter @Arushapot.

That’s it for now have an absolutely beautiful week and stay healthy.


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