Hard work key to success
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DID you know that laziness is directly proportional to poverty? The lazier, the poorer.

Isn’t it amazing how the greatest and most accomplished people on the planet have all had to struggle and trudge on in spite of all the negatives being thrown at them?

You will especially notice that they all had to practice the highest form of discipline. 

I, personally, believe that discipline is synonymous with hard work! You cannot be a hard worker if discipline is not part of your resume. They go hand in hand. It’s like a phone and a sim-card; neither will function unless they are together!

It is a fact that many never succeed regardless of the vocation chosen due to sheer laziness and an inability to work hard and put in what Brian Tracy calls “sweat equity”! Unless you are willing to work for it – and very hard for that matter – you will ever see it. Even the

bible agrees. When Adam and Eve sinned, they were meted a couple of major pronouncements and one of them is this…

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground (Gen 3:19a NIV)

It is through work that we get the sense of purpose and if we “sweat” for it, then the returns are “sweet” or as the axiom goes, “there is no sweet without sweat”! Here are some “truths” concerning hard work and what it means.

1. Most millionaires and successful people start their days early and work long hours!

Have you ever noticed that without exception most successful people are literally obsessed with their work?

They will be first in, they will put in more than duty requires and often stay late, sometimes to the peril of their relationships and other engagements! This does not

justifying staying late at the office at the expense of the family.

For me, family is cardinal in bringing a sense of satisfaction and an outlet for all the hard work I am putting in! Family is the recipient of all that I have worked for and the sacrifices that I make. However, no amount of goodwill, prayer and fasting can substitute hard work!

That is why the rich and successful work hard and put in their due pound of flesh! Ask yourself, “What have you put in wherever you are right now? How much are you willing to ‘die’ for what you do?” Hard work and intense input are cardinal in getting to see your dreams manifest!

Disclaimer: I do not believe in plain hard work like that of a slave – no! I believe in smart hard researched and studied work so that when you put in whatever work, you get the most back. In our circles we call it leverage!

A wheelbarrow pusher works 12 hours flat hauling heavy loads all day for a measly $3 – $6! But the same time spent by a CEO of a fortune 500 company will make him $100,000! Look at the disparity!

Before you state how unfair life is remember this equation, “value = income”. The value you bring into any undertaking always determines the remunerations you receive.

The wheelbarrow man has a common skill readily available from every Tom, Dick and Harry, the CEO is one in a million, rare, skilled and packed to the brim with valuable information which he has learnt to apply in a timely manner!

1. This hard working attitude gives them leverage over the average man who puts in just enough.

There are many of you that are reading this that could have been in better jobs, better businesses and greater undertakings had you just thrown in the extra hour here, the extra undertaking there and the extra effort whenever demand called for it regardless of whether they will pay you overtime or not!

By the way did you know this “getting paid for overtime” is a slave mentality? You trade or exchange time for money 100 per cent.

Now if your boss is willing to pay you for that time, guess how much he or she is making from your labor?

Ask yourself this question, how come management is never paid for overtime? Which business owner ever gets overtime? Which leader ever asks for compensation for all the sleepless nights, discomfort or danger that he and his family undergo for the sake of their cause?

It is that attitude of work and effort to the best of your ability that opens doors for you! But guess what, the average guy reports for work late (with excuses – all the time) and is the first to knock off!

They laze about (long tea and lunch breaks, chatting at the photocopier machine, gossiping, talking on the phone at the company’s expense, rude to clients etc.) and then wonder why they were gotten rid of when downsizing came by?

Attitude and what you put in ALWAYS determines returns, no man or woman that worked faithfully, putting in their heart and soul in their work ever gets disappointed for life! Sooner or later, they will harvest.

Tip: Don’t get dismayed by the “Muzungu anikonde” or “basakila tuchawa” statements! Ignore them. Why? Because one day when it matters, your attitude and output in your work will have a bearing on your destiny.

To my Christian Pentecostal brethren, yes you should fast, pray and seek the face of the Lord in all your doings, but never neglect the place hard work and diligence have in seeing your promotion and lifting up!

Let God speak… “How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep?

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest–and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man. (Prov 6: 9-11 NIV)

Have you honestly chosen to give your heart and soul to your cause, your work, your business? I leave your actions to be your judge!




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