Universe no longer safe
Published On December 3, 2015 » 3695 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Letters to the Editor
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It is clear that the entire universe is now no longer safe with increasing terrorist acts on innocent inhabitants.
This can be said from the recent attacks on a hotel  in Bamako, Mali, the French attack and most recently in Nigeria where eight people were killed when a female suicide bomber detonated her explosives among women and children arriving in Nigeria’s north-east City of Maiduguri. The
In the Paris attack, more than 130 died and 350 were injured more than two weeks ago.
The other sad incident is that shooting of a Russian plane which had 224 people on board shortly after leaving the Red Sea Resort of Sharm el-sheikh.
It is for this reason that all powerful nations must join hands to wipe out the Islamic State IS or ISIS which is causing a serious security concern to all countries.
No country in the world is free from the attacks by ISIS who have now even moved into Africa. The world is no longer free as long as those dissidents in the name of IS or ISIS are on the loose.
This calls for a serious counter and one which should be supported by all countries.
It is also sad to note that Turkey frustrated Russia’s efforts by downing a fighter jet that was just from bombing ISIS strongholds in Syria.
Russia was right when it joined hands with Syria to fight ISIS.
This ISIS is a serious threat that needs to be thwarted. If not, the world is likely to witness more attacks which could even be more devastating.
When Russia joined in the campaign to crush ISIS, it was misunderstood as having had other interests when in actual fact it was invited by Syria to provide air power support while the Syrian government did the ground work.
So far Russia’s help has proved to be worthwhile as more strongholds of ISIS are being bombed thereby contributing to a peaceful Syria and the world.
Now is time to take action and the United States (US) and France should stop politicking and should not support those that want to fight the legitimately elected government in Syria.
The so called ‘super powers’ must stop criticising Russia for the role it is playing to fight terrorism in Syria.
It is therefore necessary that as an independent nation, Zambia should support peace in Syria and this can be done through solidarity by supporting the current government. This can not be necessarily material and financial support, but through solidarity messages and goodwill.
It is for this reason that I commend Russia for the good job it is doing to promote peace in the world and should not be demonised by those whose actual interests are selfish but claim to champion democracy.
Kabwe Bwalya

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