Open schools to those who want to read
Published On January 25, 2016 » 3196 Views» By Bennet Simbeye » Letters to the Editor
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I WANT to register my disappointment with schools that are chasing away students who want to study from their premises.
While a handful may have wrong motives for going to school to study, there are many who go there with a genuine motive of improving themselves and making their lives better through reading.
“Knowledge is power!” Often, home study does not produce as effective results as school-study does.
There are too many destructions and temptations at home, no wonder some wise fellow invented the library.
But how many public libraries do we have in each constituency? The answer is heart breaking, and our population is still sky rocketing along with ignorance!
It is hard to develop a country minus developing the citizens mentally.
In fact, every constituency in our country ought to have its own spacious public library.
But it seems some politicians are too busy insulting each other and chasing votes to push such an idea through and breathe life into it.
The mere fact that we do not have libraries in our vicinities is the more reason why schools ought to accommodate us.
Or would you rather youths and children go out and waste their young lives on drugs in the streets?
Mostly, it is men and women of letters that made developed countries like Germany what they are today.
And to be learned, if you’re denied a teacher and classroom through finances or the like, at least you must be given a book to read and a place to read from.
It is via a system like this that Thomas A. Edison first met knowledge. Kindly let the readers read.

Concerned Learner,

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