Let’s preach peace
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Letters to the Editor -LogoWE need to pray and act against the spirit of violence.
All the leaders should be peace loving and emulate our forefathers like former President Kenneth Kaunda.
He preached peace and lived it.
Leaders’ words should match up with their actions. Posterity will judge harshly the rabble-rousing politicians.
The young people should refuse to be used by power-hungry politicians.
Remember those who sow in peace shall reap a rich store of harvest.
Mwansa Ngoma

“Don’t blame Govt for climate change

When there was the historic Conference of Parties (COP21) summit on climate change in Paris, I took some time to read some literature to understand climatic change.
I understood that Climatic change is a global problem.
Despite it being a global problem, it seems so little is known about this global problem in Zambia.
No wonder we blame the Government when we have poor rainfall patterns or extreme heat or cold.
It is not the Government, but climatic changes that have been induced by human activities.

G12 clause ok

I WANT to urge the country not be tempted to reverse the grade 12 clause in the amended Constitution.
That close should stand because we need knowledgeable people in the affairs of the country.
People should differentiate knowledge and wisdom and to run certain profession or constitutional offices, one requires knowledge and not just wisdom.
Having both is an added advantage.
Operating some equipment or machinery requires knowledge because somebody is able to read a manual.
Wisdom alone, for example cannot operate a computer.
We need, for example, to have councillors who are able to read and interpret Government policies for the local people to understand and be able to participate in the governance system.
Chanda Lumba

Our forests are fast depleting

Our forests are fasting depleting and I do not how carbon dioxide which is emitted on a daily basis going to be absorbed, when our trees are falling.
We should equip society with the necessary knowledge on climate change so that people make informed decisions and contribute to environmental protection.
Paul Chibamba

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