TV news casters need adequate preperation
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TV review logo -Sam Phiri NewLAST week, this platform was flooded with calls, emails and texts especially on one issue concerning Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) staffer Lister Mutukwa which I feel should not go without comment.
The issue was that two weeks ago Lister read the 19:00 hours main news on TV1 which is a rare platform for her.
Most comments were that Lister’s delivery was very poor and that it was a mistake for ZNBC to entrust her to cast the news.
That particular day our area had no power but after seeing the persistence of calls on the same issue, I decided to take a walk to a nearby home shop to see how ‘bad’ the newscaster was to make viewers call like that.
Although I found the owners of the shop glued to Prime TV, I humbly asked for the change of channels to ZNBC just for a few minutes; a request that raised other issues.
“We don’t watch ZNBC news and people generally don’t, what is there because all they show are the same things every day? Anywhere we will change,” the shop owner told me.
I disagreed with the comrade because from the calls and texts I received just on Listers casting proved beyond reasonable doubt that ZNBC main news is largely followed.
Anyway that was his opinion and belief.
Coming to the issue under review, I sat for a good seven minutes or so to see what the viewers were talking about. They could have been right, in their own way yes.
Now, this platform has its own opinion on the matter. Firstly, Lister is not a regular newscaster on TV1 but been anchoring the news on TV 2 and presenting programmes for sometime now without anyone complaining.
Yes, Lister might have had some notable flaws that day which could have been attributed to lack of preparation for that particular main news task.
I say so because at 22:00 hours, I saw Samuel Manchishi takeover the news desk meaning that Lister might have just been  told to cover-up for Samuel who might have come late that day.
Taking a critical analysis on the matter, I would want to take you (especially ZNBC corporate affairs department) back to one topic on the changing of hairstyles by your female news casters.
What made people react was not the fact that the bulletin was that bad but that their eyes were somewhat accustomed to certain individuals on the 19:00 hours news as it is almost a tradition to see Masuzyo Ndhlovu anchoring the Sunday bulletin.
That is a power of change, where viewers could not concentrate on the news content but the ‘new’ newscaster.
So, to sum it up, this platform believes what would have caused the influx of comments from viewers was the debut appearance of Lister on specifically the TV1 main news where viewers have got certain personalities in mind.
According to this platform, the lady was not ready for the 19:00 hour’s news and we would for that reason not judge her.
Before getting into the mailbox, let me make mention of one blonder which I have found difficult on whom to apportion blame.
I don’t know whether it was Inutu Himanje the newscaster of the day or the producer.
It was President Edgar Lungu’s story on the Jubilee celebrations of the Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School.
The story was read twice on the same bulletin!  I think Inutu remembers this. The simple question is why? It was not just right.
We get to the mail box now, Now last week, Mr Jason Kabaso of Kitwe raised a concern which I
promised to respond to this week. He wrote:
“Hello Sam,
Have you paid attention to how your namesake Samuel Manchishi from ZNBC overdoes his introductory remarks when reading the news and sometimes even makes mistakes in trying to be unique?”
Hi, Mr Kabaso, I took time to look at Samuel and my independent opinion on the matte is that yes, you are right that there is an element of overdoing things that to some extent makes him make avoidable mistakes.
In as much as there is nothing wrong with creating a personal unique introductory signature, there is need for Samuel to take his time when growing that unique signature.
There is need for the comrade to slow down a bit. I mean just a bit.
This is my humble observation and opinion.
I thank you.
Now when I just thought the issue of Innocent Kalaluka’s Weelee had died out and addressed, more opinions have continued coming. Victor Zulu wrote:
Hi, Mr Sam, I want to agree with you 100 per cent over Innocent Kalaluka. I don’t understand why people want to be self righteous over Weelee expression.
These are things that add colour to proceedings.  Just look at the boxing in Las Vegas America.
Everybody wants to hear the phrase ‘let’s get ready to rumble!!”  It is thrilling to hear that phrase although it really doesn’t add or subtract to the fight. It’s the same thing as innocent’s Weeleee.
I thank you.
Thanks Mr Zulu I believe this platform has made its stance as you rightly put it in your opening remarks.
Finally, this platform would like to once again extend its deepest condolences to ZNBC for the death of its iconic local section broadcaster Frieda Munkhombwe some.
May her soul rest in peace.
Let’s end here today but please continue sending in your interesting.
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