Organising a high tea bridal shower
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Your Memorable Wedding -New SunitaHIGH tea bridal showers are a very traditional, elegant way to celebrate a bride’s upcoming wedding. These are slowly becoming so popular in Zambia.
A high tea bridal shower is a new and modern version of the well-known kitchen party. Many brides are opting to have a high tea bridal shower. It is very affordable even to the economical brides.
If you are a regular follower of this column I am sure you know how much I emphasis on time management. Time management has been poor at kitchen parties and weddings alike, so I believe tea parties are a better option as they start around 09:00 Hours.
Husbands are complaining about the time these kitchen parties are ending; It shows how bad this has been. A kitchen party in itself is not bad, but what has become bad about them is how they are being conducted. We have all the time in the world and yet we struggle just to go for a function on time.
We all expect to find some people seated there on time so that we are not the first ones and this is a thought on everyone’s mind, as a result we all end up late for the function.
High tea bridal showers are timely and are a great way to teach all those women in marriage and those entering into marriage because on the programme not a lot is going on during the function, it creates a time for those memorable and valuable smooth marriage talks. This is something which might be new to many; so how well can a high tea bridal shower be organised.
According to “,” a high tea bridal shower can be intimate, with just the bridal party attending, or a larger event including other female friends and relatives that will be invited to the wedding.
This shower theme isn’t suitable for co-ed shower since the food is lighter and the decorations are more feminine. Serve the food and beverages buffet style since there won’t be a plated entrée as part of your menu. suggests that a high tea bridal shower should be refined, romantic and easy on the budget, consider a sugar-licious tea shower. These affairs are feminine and elegant with a fun, girly element. Picture an English tea, with beautiful teacups and scones and pastel colours
Decorate the buffet and guest tables with linens and flowers selected with the bride’s colours in mind.Brides have completely changed the kitchen party colours, it is no longer the colour of kitchen items put into consideration but what the bride wants for her wedding and kitchen party theme.
In the past when choosing the colour scheme, we were told to go to shops and see which colours were popular among the kitchen items then have guests buy those gifts.
The common colours were white since many items are made with this colour, green, red, blue, brown and silver for pots, and serving spoons. Then later yellow was introduced as some green items had a bit of yellow combined in it.
Now it is all about palette colours for the kitchen party. It is good to see that the manufacturing of plastic cups and plates has really improved, at a distance they look like glass so even when put on the kitchen unit display, it will look gorgeous.
One bride shared with me that her kitchen party theme is apple green and peach. Peach has become a popular colour but still gaining its popularity among brides and grooms.
The peach kitchen utensil are rare and this is a theme suitable for a wedding only.
Brown is an earth tone and suitable for traditional function such as kitchen party. For a high tea bridal shower apple green and peach are a classic way to enjoy your morning function. They are palette colours which are sweet on the eyes for both the bride and the invited guests. For that lovely décor in order to make the high tea bridal shower not to look like a wedding give apple green the highest colour psychology with 70 per cent and peach with 30 per cent just to complete the theme. For the traditional aspect, apple green chitenge can be used as linen on the guest’s tables and on the gazebo for the bride. Chitenge can also be made into pillow covers, so just be very creative when dealing with these colours.
In America, guests are asked to bring a small gift for the wishing well that fits with the tea theme. Items might include loose teas, tea strainer, tea bags, tea spoons, tea cookies.
Plan to organise a few bridal shower games for fun and to help break the ice when guests first arrive. When the bride arrives, she can be given a small bouquet to welcome her and she can use it to mark her place. Create a small bag of sweets for each guest and tie them with ribbons that are wide enough to write each guest’s name, and then use them as place cards. This makes the bridal shower fun for guests too. Very proper and dainty.
Set the tone with your invitations. They should be fancy, girl-licious and designed in such a way that every lady will be moved by the card. A separate paper can be attached to the card for guests to write a recipe for love, food or home remedies which the bride can keep as a souvenir. Choose a format, feminine font on heavy paper.
The great thing is that tea foods won’t break your budget. You will want to feature light, delicate fare and a selection of desserts.
Often, I suggest that the girls and the mother of the bride try their hands at making tea sandwiches of course you don’t have to do that if you don’t want!
Think cucumber sandwiches, for example. You take thin-sliced cucumbers (seeds removed) and arrange on pressed bread with a little butter. Polonies, sliced fruits, muffins and any nice food suitable for breakfast. suggests a favorite cost-effective idea: deviled eggs, just the way they served them at cocktail parties in the 1950s’. You can also do deviled eggs in a salad, spice it up with beacon. Carry the theme through with chocolate accented cookies shaped like tea bags for a festive finish.
The proper beverages to serve are hot teas, juice which is less expensive than Champaign is wonderful option you can ever think of.
The other question which is on many people’s mind is that must a tea party be small. You can have groups of 50 to 100 people or you can keep your shower very intimate. For a larger crowd of up to 150 guests, do a fabulous tea buffet on a dining room tables.
Use three- tier tea stands on which you can arrange your sandwiches and pastries. Traditionally, tea is served at 09:00 hours.
For décor if you mother has silver tea sets, go for it or a cake stand. Use nice linen or a lace or floral design for table cloth- nothing that looks contemporary. Tie each napkin with a beautiful ribbon bow. For centre-pieces, fill antique-style teapots or teacups with one type of flower (a few pink or white roses) use plastic or paper plates for an appropriately old- world effect. For favours, you can use the adorable tea bags cookies. The ladies will love them.
The cupcakes can also be used as centre-pieces, decorated on cake stands, tier tea stands, on tables and even at the reception entrance so that guests will have a clear picture of what is expected at a high tea bridal shower. Sweet memories, sweet environment will leave an everlasting impression and guests have enough time to chat and catch up on the latest developments happening around the world. Many women don’t remember the last time they listened to the main news because that’s the time when they prepare dinner. Such gathering can help each and every one of us be knowledgeable.
The presents showered are the same with the ones we are required to take for kitchen parties and many are brides are opting for a gift registry at a selected shop.
Getting married this year, next year or in future planning starts now and a high tea bridal shower might be all that you need. This kind of function is friendly to the bride who never wants drums at her function, music can be played and guests dance with all their minds and it’s in the morning many will be enjoying the morning breeze.
Remember there will be no marriage in heaven so let us plan our wedding in good time and enjoy and celebrate every moment on that day. Keep them memorable and fun.
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