Cop inspects wife’s private parts
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From the courts LogoBy STEPHANIE KUNDA –

A POLICE officer who was suspicious of his promiscuous wife went to an extent of examining her private parts before suing her for divorce.
Kalima Simakando aged 42 of Ndola’s Sakania Township sued Susan Musoka, 37, who he said was having an affairs with his work mate.
Kalima also accused his wife of constantly hurling insults at him.
He said it was because of his mistrust of his wife that he started demanding to examine her private parts to ensure she was not sleeping with another man.
He told Chifubu local court magistrate Besa-Kalwa Mushibwe, sitting with Celeste Muchima and Kaala Nyamba, that his informant alerted him of how his wife’s lover had been telling people about their private affair.
Out of curiosity, Mr Simakando managed to obtain print outs of his wife and lover’s call records and which prompted her to leave the matrimonial home on April 7, this year.
However, Ms Musoka told the court that she was not adulterous and only left her home because her husband threatened to kill her.
The court ruled that the couple be separated as they were not legally married, as per custom and no dowry was paid.
The court also ordered that their two children aged nine and seven years should stay with their father while the youngest one aged three years would remain in the custody of its mother.

Stingy hubby sued

A WOMAN of Kanyama Township has sued her miserly husband to Kanyama Local Court for leaving her only K5 to feed seven people.
Rita Mulunda, 35, of Lusaka’s Jack Township sued her husband Patrick Banda, 39, for reconciliation on grounds that he was irresponsible and was too jealousy.
She said the two got married in 2004 and had five children together.
Mulunda told the court that her husband, who is a cleaner at Evelyn Hone College, religiously left K5 daily for meals.
She said she found it hard to feed five children and two of her husband’s nieces.
Mulunda said her marriage was on a verge of collapse because of several marital problems like her husband not allowing her to visit friends.
“My husband beat me up last year April, because I went to visit my friend. My mouth was swollen and I could not walk due to the severe beatings,” she said.
In defence, Banda said he was a responsible husband and that he used to leave a K5 on certain days because he was servicing a loan.
He said he bought all the necessary food in the house and that whenever he left a K5 it was probably meant for sugar or tomatoes.
“If I was not responsible would she even have energy to talk right now? I buy food and I take care of my children, all of them who go to school. What does she want from me ?” he asked.
He said he did not stop her from visiting her relatives but that he stopped her from visiting her friends because most of her friends were not married and had bad morals.
“Most of her friends move around in the road with different men. I wonder what she discusses with such type of friends. Anyway if she wants to continue staying with me in harmony she should stop mingling with such friends,” he said.
In passing judgment, magistrate Sarah Nyendwa sitting with Daniel Phiri reconciled the couple but ordered Banda to stop being abusive towards the wife.

Cheating man gets dowry back

A NDOLA woman has demanded in the Chifubu Local Court that K130 which was paid as dowry by her fiancé be returned to his family because he has breached the marriage contract.
Jennifer  Chipoya asked the court to dissolve her marriage contract with Collins Lumbania, accusing him of being a liar throughout their engagement period.
She accused her fiance of being secretive and had not even introduced her to his relatives or where he lived, prior to their marriage and that he had been lying to her constantly.
Chipoya suspected that Lumbania was a married man and that was why he made so many excuses in their relationship, one being that he never revealed his residential address and not even bothered to introduce her to his relatives.
She  narrated that she came to know of his lies one Sunday as she was coming from church with her colleague and found four women waiting for her and that one of them claimed to be Lumbania’s wife.
The latter had questioned her on who she was to Lumbania, which she responded saying she was his fiancé.
The woman then claimed that she was Lumbania’s wife objected and was already married to her.
Chipoya said the statement convinced her that Lumbania was a liar because in one incident, when he had a funeral in Kansenshi, she was told not to enter the funeral house.
In his defence,  Lumbania said he dated the woman a long time ago and that he was not a married man.
Lumbania said he loved Chipoya and wanted to marry her so that he could show her the truth concerning his marital status.
Chipoya later denied his apology, claiming she was tired of his lies.
Magistrate Besa Kalwa Mushibwe sitting with Celeste Muchimba and Kaala Nyambe ruled that Chipoya return the dowry to Lumbania as she did not want to reconcile.

Father demands cows for dowry

A Kanyama man has sued his son-in-law for allegedly not paying any form of dowry after living with his daughter for four years.
Aggrey Membelo sued Richard Katiba of also of Kanyama Township in Lusaka for living with his daughter since 2012 without dowry.
Facts before the Kanyama Magistrate Court were that Katiba had lived with Membelo’s daughter in his house for four years now and that no dowry had been paid.
Membelo told the court that he demanded four cows to be given to him by Katiba as a form of dowry.
He said it was not in order for Katiba to live with his daughter for that long without paying dowry.
In defence, Katiba said he could not afford giving Membelo four cows as a form of dowry as he could not manage to meet that demand.
Testifying before the court, Membelo’s daughter accepted allegations that she had been living with Katiba since 2012.
She said she loved him and castigated her father for the ‘hefty’ charge on his son-in-law, stating that four cows were too much and that her ‘husband’ would not manage paying.
In passing judgement, magistrate Daniel Phiri ruled that it heard Katiba’s cry and that he should instead give Membelo three cows instead of four because he could not be living with someone’s daughter without paying dowry.
He said dowry had to be paid for any marriage to bind and get blessings from parents.

‘He suspects she is seeing another man’

A TWENTY-SIX-YEAR old man of Ng’ombe Township has sued his wife for divorce on allegations that she is seeing another man.
Facts before the court were that the couple got married in 2013 and have two children, a boy and a girl and dowry was not paid.
The Matero court heard how Isaac Shumba one day heard his wife Belitha Kamalondo (19) of Lilanda Township, shouting at someone on her phone and grabbed the phone only to discover that she was shouting at a man.
Shumba explained that when he asked the man who he was, he said he was Andrew and told him to tell his wife to stop calling him and writing him love text messages because she was putting his marriage at stake.
Upon hearing this Shumba then arranged to meet with Andrew the following day and when they met Andrew showed him the text messages Kamalondo wrote to him.
The messages read as follows: “love and kisses first. I miss having sex with you. Baby when are you coming so that we can do it.”
In defence, Kamalondo denied calling or sending any text messages saying that there was no way she could write such messages because she was illiterate.
She said there was no harmony in their home because her husband was a womaniser and that he was just looking for ways of leaving her so that he could freely mingle with his girlfriends.
“My husband is a womaniser who beats me up each time I confront him over his girlfriends and I suspect he just wrote the messages himself because I do not know how to write,” she explained.
She also told the court that even with what had happened, she did not want to leave his husband because they have two children together.
In passing judgement, magistrate Lewis Mumba dismissed the claim, saying that the couple was just cohabiting because no dowry was paid.
Mr Mumba advised Kamalondo and her family to sue Shumba for damage and child maintenance.

‘She doesn’t want my children’

A FOUTY-ONE -YEAR old man of John Laing Township in Lusaka has sued his 23-year-old wife for divorce on allegations that she did not want to live with her two step children.
Facts before the court are that the couple got married in 2010, have two children together and dowry was not paid in full.
The courts heard that Joe Bwalya wanted to divorce his wife Juliet Maiko for allegedly being irresponsible and not wanting to live and take care of his two children that he had with his girlfriend before he married Maiko.
Bwalya explained that his wife did not love and care for his children even when he motioned to her before he married her that he had children and that he wanted the two to take care of them once they got married.
Bwalya explained that when he complained to his wife that he was not happy with the way his wife treated and took care of his step children, his wife said she could not take care of the children because their mother was still alive.
“On several occasions I have tried to resolve the matter with my wife but nothing is happening. I want this marriage to end because my wife does not want to live with my other children and each time we go to bed my wife sleeps with her clothes on” he said.
In defence ,Maiko disputed allegations stating that Bwalya infected her HIV positive though despite this, she still loved him as his husband therefore could not divorce him.
In passing judgement, magistrate Daniel Phiri stated that the marriage was legal and that the couple were faced with problems of keeping step children
The court granted the two divorce and advised Bwalya to finish paying the remaining balance of the dowry and slapped him K7,000 to be paid in installments as compensation.

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