Busted: Man catches wife in bed with pal
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From the courts LogoBy STEPHANIE KUNDA –
LATE PK Chishala’s  Nali nomunandi song came back to reality in Ndola Local Court when a man, in a habit of buying a lot of beer for his friend with the aim of getting him sloshed and then dash home to sleep with the drunken man’s wife, has been sued for adultery.
Derrick Muzabe, 36, of Ndeke Farms, sued Benny Ngosa, 19, of the same area for committing adultery with his wife, Marvis Kabamba, 22.
Muzabe claimed that each time he and Ngosa went to a bar he would buy him alcohol in excess to make him drunk, then leave him and go to his home to meet Kabamba.
He told the court that this habit of buying him alcohol raised suspicion and one day he pretended to be tipsy and later trailed Ngosa and found him with Kabamba naked in his house.
Muzabe said, after comfronting them, Kabamba left home and abandoned two children in his custody.
Because of the task of taking care of the two children, his job was.
A witness Moses Chiluba submitted to the court that on one occasion he sent his worker to Ngosa’s house to collect building materials and found Kabamba.
The worker reported back to Chiluba that Ngosa was not home but only found Muzabe’s wife.
Chiluba said Muzabe had confided in him that Kabamba was having a relationship with Ngosa and this prompted him to go to the house to prove it for himself.
Upon getting to Ngosa’s house, Kabamba bolted through the window.
Chiluba said he searched for her and in the process found a warm meal and a national registration card belonging to Kabamba.
When asked by the court why the registration card was found in Ngosa’s house since they (Ngosa and Kabamba) had already denied knowing each other, Kabamba said she did not know why it was found there.
Presiding magistrate Oscar Kalaba, sitting with Rosemary Muke, ruled that K10, 000 be paid to Muzabe by Ngosa for marriage interference.

‘My wife bedwets’

A HUSBAND of Jack Township in Lusaka has dragged his wife to court for telling their neighbours and his workmates that he urinates on the matrimonial bed.
William Kapindula, 36, sued his wife Memory Mutandabolwa, 28, for divorce after she embarrassed him in public.
Kapindula explained in the Kanyama local court that he was no longer interested in his wife because she did not know how to keep marriage secrets since she had revealed that he bed wets.
He said he was surprised that instead of protecting his image and marriage his wife was in the forefront of tarnishing their marriage through cheap gossip.
Kapindula said his wife also had the habit of telling people that he infected her with a sexually transmitted disease (STD).
He also said that on several occasions his wife threatened to kill him since she was not enjoying her marriage.
In defence, Mutandabolwa said she also wanted divorce because Kapindula‘s relatives were threatening to beat her for embarrassing their relative.
Mutandabolwa explained that Kapindula was a truck driver and that due to his promiscuity he infected her with an STI which made her barren.
She further stated that she was tired of washing Kapindula’s blankets since he usually urinated on them from the time they got married.
She told the magistrate that she needed to be compensated for touching and washing urine for six years.
“I want to be compensated by the court for washing this man’s mess. What I know is that a lot of my friends wash bedding for their children but I wash linen with urine almost every day for a big man since he either messes up the bed or urinates on it,” she said.
In passing judgement magistrate Serah Nyendwa sitting with Ackim Phiri granted the couple divorce and compensated Mutandabolwa with K5, 000 children maintenance every month.

Lusaka business executive sexually starved

A LUSAKA business executive, who has been sexually starved by her husband for more than six months, has dragged him to court for reconciliation.
This was heard in a case where Carol Tembo, 28, of the same township sued her husband Everest Njovu, 38, for reconciliation on grounds that her husband had denied her conjugal rights.
Tembo told the court that every time she touched her husband he would stop her stating that he was tired as he was working as a security guard at the Ministry of health.
She said on several occasions she asked her husband to have sex with her but he would refuse and told her that he did not see any reason for having sex since they already had children.
Tembo told the Kanyama Local Court that her husband stopped supporting the family and went home late.
She said her husband was a good man before he started working and she hoped he could change so they could have peace in the house.
In defence, Njovu said Tembo did not respect him and was bad-hearted because she chased all his relatives from home.
He said it was hard for him to reconcile with his wife because she was disrespectful and shouted at him if he did not buy any food.
Njovu explained that due to his wife’s behaviour he opted to have an affair with another woman whom he has impregnated.
He said his girlfriend was going to make a better wife because she respected him.
In passing judgement, the magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with Daniel Phiri said reconciliation had failed since Njovu was not willing to reconcile and advised the couple to sue for divorce.

Unfaithful man divorced

THE Kabushi Local Court has divorced a Ndola couple on account of misunderstandings in their marriage.
Jane Mwewa, 28, of New Twapia Township filed for divorce against Owen Chama of the same address on account that her husband of 12 years was unfaithful.
Mwewa narrated to the court that their disputes began in 2015 when she found messages on Chama’s phone from another woman whom she suspected was having a relationship with her husband.
She said each time she prepared food for Chama he could refuse to eat and also refused to have sex with her for seven months.
This prompted Mwewa to find out why he was behaving like that.
She said that when Chama visited Namwala, in Southern Province, he came back with another woman whom he claimed was his new wife.
Mwewa said she then consulted Chama’s family on the development and they admitted by revealing to her that he had another child in Mufulira.
In defence, Chama said Mwewa was a disrespectful woman who had stopped obeying him and took her own decision without consultations.
Chama said each time he advised his wife she turned violent and threatened to cut off his manhood when shaving him.
He however, denied having deprived her of sex and also refused receiving messages on his phone, but admitted having remarried.
Mwewa later submitted that she didn’t want to subscribe to a polygamous marriage.
Presiding magistrate Paul Kayula sitting with Mildred Namwizye granted divorce to the couple on count that Chama was in a polygamous marriage.
The court fined Chama K10, 000 as compensation to Mwewa and that he should support their three children.

‘He beats me before sex’

A CHIBOLYA Township woman in Lusaka has been granted a restraining order by a local court to stop her former husband from beating her and demanding sex.
Alice Gondwe, 35, said it was surprising that her former husband Alex Njovu beats her every time he sees her with other men and yet goes to her house to demand for sex.
Njovu has been sued in the Kanyama Local Court and  Gondwe is asking for a restraining order.
The two were married for 15 years but divorced due to Njovu’s brutality.
She said on several occasions her former husband beat her and threatened to kill her whenever he found her in the company of other men.
Njovu denied all the allegations and said all he wanted from her place was to see his children.
He said his former wife had recently become a prostitute and that he was no longer interested in her.
In passing judgment magistrate Serah Nyendwa, sitting with Ackim Phiri, granted the complainant a restraining order against Njovu and explained that he should never visit Gondwe or  he would be cited for contempt.
The magistrate also gave back Njovu his son and ordered that the two girls be kept by their mother with him paying maintenance either at court or at her mother’s house.

Adulterous woman ‘saved’

THE Kanyama Local Court has dismissed a divorce case where a Lusaka man sued his wife for sleeping with his friend because he did not pay dowry.
Magistrates Sarah Nyendwa and Ackim Phiri threw out the matter on the basis that the duo were just cohabiting as by law, marriage was only considered legal following the payment of dowry.
This was a matter where Joseph Daka, 38, of old Kanyama Township sued his wife Medron Lupaka for divorce on grounds that she had sex with his friend and other several taxi drivers on their matrimonial bed whenever he went for work.
The two got married in 2013 and had one child though dowry was not paid.
Daka said he no longer wanted his wife because she had slept with a number of men in the area.
“I am very shocked to learn that my wife was sleeping with my friend despite complaining that she was being starved sexually,” he said.
In her defence, Lupaka admitted the allegations but said she resorted to adultery because her husband sexually starved her and was no longer caring for her and the baby.
She said granting the duo divorce would not make any difference as she was used to staying alone and being taken care of by her friend.
She said her current boyfriend promised to marry her and that he would pay dowry so that her parents could bless their marriage.

Drunkard prefers beer to hubby

A MAN of Matero Township has dragged his wife to the local court on grounds that she preferred drinking beer to marriage.
Brian Mwaba, 35, sued his wife Mercy Chibesa, 28, of the same township for divorce because she is irresponsible and a drunkard.
Mwaba explained that whenever he gave her money to maintain the house she would resort to drinking alcohol with her friends.
Mwaba said even if he buys food in the house his wife would still eat all the food with her friends making him and his two children starve.
He explained that one day he found his eldest daughter aged eight cooking nshima and that when he asked about the whereabouts of her mother he was told she had left the house in the morning.
“This situation is getting out of hand since my wife enjoys her beer and has forgotten that she was a married woman and a mother. I feel divorce will be a relief for me,” he said.
In defence, Chibesa said she was a good wife and claimed her husband was just creating stories because he wanted to get back to his first wife.
She said she was responsible and that she loved her husband’s children such that it was difficult for anyone to notice they were not her biological children.
She added that since her husband opted to divorce her she could not force matters but that all she wanted was him to compensate her for spending four years together
“I married this man when his five year child was a baby. If I did not love his children would I have kept his baby, I need compensation,” she said.
In passing judgment, Magistrate Lewis Mumba, sitting with Pauline Newa, divorced the couple and ordered Mwaba to compensate Chibesa with K8, 000.








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