Shalawambe calls for peace
Published On July 22, 2016 » 4517 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Entertainment, Music
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THE call for peace and unity in the country ahead of the forthcoming general elections looks to be the preoccupation of everyone as musicians take to the stage to produce songs advocating for the same.
Once-upon-a-time big music outfit Shalawambe Band have come out to add their voice for peace to prevail in the country through their latest production called ‘The Grader.’
Band leader Dolenzy Kabwe says his outfit decided to come up with the peace and unity album because they felt the need to help sensitise the people on the importance of peace which is a recipe for national development.
Kabwe says the 11-track album  talks about peace and massive development that has taken place in the country since the ascendancy to power by the Patriotic Front (PF) administration led by late president Michael Sata who was succeeded by President Edgar Lungu.
The album has songs like ‘Referendum’ which is encouraging people to vote in the affirmative because their vote gives them more power and say in the governance of the country.
“People should vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum because it brings on the table the Bill of Rights which empowers citizens,” Kabwe said.
The album’s title track, ‘The Grader’ talks about the countrywide road construction projects President Sata embarked on such as the Link Zambia-8000.
“This one also talks about the paving of the way for national development. You cannot develop a country without a grader for opening up the bushes. So we are asking people to appreciate the works achieved through the Link Zambia-8000,” he said.
There is also ‘Bo Lungu/Inonge’, ‘Lungu’, ‘Tule Donsa Big’, ‘Lungu Atwalilile’, ‘Ndevotela Lungu’, The Grader News’, ‘Lesa Eusala Intungulushi’, ‘PF Cela Bakaka’ and ‘Tutwa for Central Province’.
Kabwe emphasised the need for citizens to participate in national issues such as national prayers before the elections, saying it is the duty of every leader to call upon the people to commit to prayer and ask God for guidance.
“As Shalawambe, we felt that we should not just sit idle but make a contribution. This is our country and we need to continue enjoying peace which other countries do not have,” he says.
Kabwe also emphasised that people should not look at the Bill of Rights as a PF and President Edgar Lungu affair because it is embedded in the motto One Zambia One Nation.
He adds that the country’s founding mothers and fathers fought for the independence of Zambia and made sure that every citizen has the right to express themselves and hold Government accountable.

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