Wife can’t keep up with sex maniac
Published On February 11, 2017 » 7719 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Court News, Latest News
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A SEX maniac who made love to his wife half the night has been divorced since his wife complained of the punishing regime.
Milika Lembanika, 39, of Kanyama Township narrated in the local court how her husband Terrence Chomba, 40, went at it for hours to quench his abnormal sexual appetite.
Facts before the court were that the two who have been married for 10 years, have three children and dowry was partially paid.
Lembanika said her husband would only rest for about an hour or two and then wake up for more sex.
She told the court she could no longer cope with Chomba’s abnormal desire.
Lembanika told the court that whenever she complained to her husband over the matter, his response was that sex was an important ingredient in marriage and that it was the reason he married her.
“I have spoken to church members over the issue but my husband does not want to change and I don’t think I can manage to continue living like this,” she said.
In defence Chomba said he was shocked that his wife brought such a petty issue in court.
He said as a married man, he was entitled to sleeping with his wife since that was the reason he married her.
“If I don’t have sex with my wife where else can I get it?” he asked.
He said he was still in love with his wife and that he was willing to change so that they could keep the family together.
In passing judgment, magistrate Lewis Mumba granted the couple divorce and ordered them to share all property equally while Chomba will maintain custody of the children.

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