FAZ bickering uninspiring
Published On March 5, 2017 » 3752 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Columns, Sports
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Here we go again, Zambian football administrators are back to what they know best, talk, controversy and at best being unprogressive.
This talk of an impeachment defeats logic especially that the impeacher is hiding his grounds for impeachment and also that it is coming just 12 months after the councillors were asked to speak decisively through the ballot at the FAZ elections.
At this time, what we are expecting is to hear about the FAZ councillors making proposals and moves to adopt the new FAZ constitution in order to avoid the FIFA ban which will come if the new FIFA Statutes are not infused to the FAZ constitution by March 31.
Maybe they need to be reminded that the deadline is coming in just three weeks’ time.
At a reconvened Emergency General Meeting (EGM) held in Lusaka at which the constitution should have been amended and adopted, the councillors said they did not study the document and needed more time.
Going to that EGM, there was a lot of talk, unending fighting, mudslinging, finger pointing and when it came to the real matters at the EGM, nothing was offered.
And here we are again, and the talk of administrative issues as in this impeachment is back. Yes, it’s a right to push for the impeachment, but to misrepresent details that FAZ was forcing FIFA to reduce the Electoral College is embarrassing.
At an AGM, five years ago, I remember Kalusha saying FAZ needed to make changes to statutes and because FAZ had engaged in infighting that also extended to Government fighting with FAZ.
I now think it is in order to reduce the Electoral College because most people are just making up numbers in the football development agenda. The game on the pitch is what matters and at a time when the under-20 is making history with their best ever performance at a junior tournament, administrators are bickering.
I also find the letter FAZ president Andrew Kamanga wrote to CAF president Issa Hayatou a little overboard as it is not in order to bar Kalusha from coming to this tournament either as a CAF official or as a Zambian.
Kalusha, we should remember, is the man who won Zambia the right to host this tournament and I agree with Kamanga that if people are trying to impeach him, Kalusha should be asked to talk to the alleged people believed to be his supporters, to stop.
But Kamanga should have spoke to Kalusha first before running to the CAF president saying Kalusha is distabilising the tournament.
I take my hat off to this Zambia under-20 for displaying a pleasing fighting spirit which saw them end the group stage of the 2017 under-20 tournament on a perfect 100 per cent winning rate, scoring 10 goals and conceding just two.
Kudos to all who have been handling this team from the time they were at under-17 level to now and my only wish is that they keep the fire burning.

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