Envoy lauds Zambia, Botswana relations
Published On October 1, 2015 » 1267 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Latest News
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BOTSWANA High Commissioner to Zambia Lebonaamang Mokalaka has hailed cordial bilateral relations existing between the two countries.
Mr Mokalaka noted that the continued warm ties between Zambia and Botswana have resulted into lasting peace and prosperity for the two countries.
He said this during celebrations to mark Botswana’s 49th Independence anniversary on Wednesday evening.
He said that Zambia played a big-brother role by helping Botswana gain her independence.
He said this was evidenced by an extension of scholarships between the two countries.
Mr Mokalaka noted that Zambia and Botswana had over the years collaborated in areas of education, the construction of the Kazungula Bridge, the fight against poaching, mining and security issues, among others.
He said Botswana was celebrating an achievement of a country that went against all expectations to transform itself from a classic case of being among the poorest countries in the world to that of a middle income country within a short period.
“Ironically, we are here to celebrate the Independence of a country that has managed to move the core of the diamond industry to Africa, both the Diamond Trading Centre Botswana and Diamond Trading Centre International are in Gaborone, this achievement is ironical,” he said.
Botswana had maintained the pillars of development, democracy, self reliance and unity, in turn, these had produced dividends that catapulted it into the most envied nation.
As a landlocked country, Botswana had managed to channel the little proceeds of natural resources into developing the whole country irrespective of tribal or political affiliation.
“The progress made so far did not come automatically, it is a product of a well thought of constitution and leadership that had the foresight to navigate all obstacles upon attainment of self rule,” he said.

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