Gotcha! Govt to deploy new system that intersects all payments
Published On December 23, 2017 » 2492 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » HOME SLIDE SHOW, SHOWCASE
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If you have been driving around with an unpaid traffic bill, you may soon find yourself without water and electricity… until that little matter in the glove compartment is attended to.
A new system that intersects all payments that government intends to deploy soon could stop people with unpaid traffic charges from paying for utility bills.
The intersecting payment system will be rolled out through the e-governance programme to promote effectiveness and accountability.
Zambia Police Road Traffic Division head Yoram Phiri warned yesterday that motorists should make a habit of paying their traffic fines because in the near future, non-payment could inconvenience them from paying for other public services.
Mr Phiri said this when he and the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) public relations manager Mukela Mangolwa appeared on the 5FM Burning Issue programme.
He said it was unfortunate that some motorists continued to find ways
of escaping paying traffic charges.
Mr Phiri said that had made RTSA effect a system which stopped motorists from paying for their road tax if they had an unpaid traffic charge.
“We are actually moving towards a system that will stop motorists from paying for water or electricity bills, for example, if they have not paid for a traffic charge,” he said.
Mr Phiri said motorists should use the seven days given to them in which to pay for a traffic offence to pay the fine.
He also said that even though the public complaints of corruption among traffic police officers were numerous, there were very few formal complaints.
This, Mr Phiri said, had not helped Police investigate the complaints and clamp down on the erring officers.
Mr Mangolwa said the e-Zamtis was still in its early stages and the challenges it was facing would be dealt with eventually.
He said it had a number of advantages like allowing motorists access a drivers’ licence timely.

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