AMVCAs awards:Zambians encouraged to submit their own
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•Mwaka Mugala.

AS Africa Magic, in association with MultiChoice, announces the call to entry for the prestigious eighth edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs), Zambians are encouraged to submit their own.
As may be clearly known now that Zambia’s film industry has come out of the doldrums and is producing quality export material, chances of a good number of Zambians bagging awards are even higher than before.
Names like those of Fred Phiri, Abram Kabwe, Nancy Handabile have already been screamed out at the previous five additions of the AMVCA with so far two wins from Fred and Abram.
So with a good number of quality Zambian productions showing on Zambezi Magic, this platform can only encourage more entries into these awards.
Look at productions such as Mpali, Mungoma, Ubuntu and Zuba and see clearly why we believe Zambia is poised for more prestigious accolades.
Creative writers and producers such as Frank Sibbuku should actually be one of those taking a flight to Lagos to receive an award that is if he will summit his entry.
Films, made-for-television movies or television series previously entered or nominated for an award, or awarded a prize in another film and television competition are eligible to enter for the AMVCAs.
In addition, all films, made-for-television movies or television series are eligible for entry to the AMVCA if they were broadcast, publicly screened or exhibited from 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2021.
Hailed as the premium awards for filmmakers in Africa, the AMVCAs has recognized and celebrated outstanding achievements in the African film and television industry both in front and behind the cameras.
Following the seventh edition in 2020, plans for the next installment were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the attendant concerns on the health and safety of all stakeholders.
The AMVCAs will now take place in Lagos, Nigeria in 2022 with Amstel Malta as headline sponsor.
MultiChoice Zambia Managing Director Leah Kooma, said: “Last year was indeed a tough one for the world with the global pandemic; however the industry continues to thrive against all odds.”
Ms Kooma said MultiChoice is proud of the improvements seen across different fields in the industry since the inception in 2013.
So without doubt, Zambia’s film industry is ripe for such internationally acclaimed accolades as there is enough material of reference and highly talented actors.
Now, let me get into the elaborate issues of the local film industry where I strongly feel a serious touch of creativity is needed.
It is not a secret that the once upon a time Zambia’s favorite telenovela – Zuba – is somehow losing flavour and grip on the competitive local market.
The first season of Zuba was something viewers could look forward to, just like season two.
But the story line started to disintegrate especially in the third and fourth season.
Those who have followed it keenly would agree that the telenovela seems to have more of a recycled storyline creating less suspense, especially on the lead actor Zuba.
Such kind of development is not healthy for the actors as they are confined to a specific production that is losing popularity.
Good actors like Sophia Chapeshamano, acting as Natasha, Mwaka Mugala herself (Zuba), Anne Katamanda ( Phingiwe) and Barbara Maramwidze (Lute) are such excellent export materials of actors confined to this single production.
It would be wise to end the story in Zuba so that the actors’ skills are tested in other productions.
Imagine the likes of Barbara Maramwidze making an appearance in a production such as Mpali where she crosses paths with the likes of Shupiwe or Tamara.
I think time has come for Zambia to expose its talent widely and not only in productions that take years of a winding storyline, almost becoming monotonous.
Today, Nollywood actors like Omotola Jalade, Pete Oduche, Mercy Jonson and many more, have not made their names in a single production, but have appeared in numerous productions taking up different characters.
Zambia has a lot of talent but it is underused or simply locked up to a single production.
As the AMVCA is around the corner, it would also be prudent for our local actors to weigh themselves in comparison with other actors, especially those from from West Africa.
The West Africans might have an upper hand on this area, but we believe that we have quality production houses and actors in Zambia that should take advantage of this edition of the awards.
We end here today.
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