ICT matters: driving awareness, increased technology knowledge
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The aim of this column is to drive the awareness and increase technology knowledge in the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in enhancing community outreach, professional, industrial, academic and research collaboration, and education and support services in bringing solutions to the current needs.
Advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have turned the world into a global village and are transforming the world economy presenting challenges that were hitherto unthought-of.
ICT Matters (Information and Communications Technology Matters) is the weekly Information and Communications Technology column. ICT refers to the art and applied sciences that deal with data and information.
It encompasses all (equipment including computational machinery – computers, hardware, software, firmware etc., tools, methods, practices, processes, procedures, concepts, principles and the sciences) that come into play in the conduct of the information activities: acquisition, representation, processing, presentation, security, interchange, transfer, management, organization, storage and retrieval of data and information.
ICT is paramount to the future of education and that successful contributions to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, the author takes the initiative to contribute to the local and global body of knowledge by creating this platform for non-formal education.
ICT Matters conversations or topics are targeted towards both non-technical and technical professionals.
The rapid adoption of digital technologies helps to implement new and disruptive business models and processes. These go beyond influencing individual lives. However, all these bring about effectiveness and efficiency in achieving any intended objectives. We cannot forget to mention that it improves the quality of live and contributes to the growth of the economy.
ICT Maters is presented to take you through get a greater awareness that will enable clear, fact-driven decision-making based on the best outcome for your company, education and or individual life.
This weekly column is designed for all:
Students who are looking to pursue a career in ICT, IT security professionals, network administrators, enthusiast, cybersecurity professionals who are looking for a career boost.
Employees, managers, directors, IT enthusiasts who are interested in learning about the world of ICT in digital transformation.
Boys and girls at all levels can read this column. It is written in a very simple non-technical language.
The key features of this column focuses on establishing the general ICTs, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, data mining, big data, cloud computing, web development, programming, online collaboration, cybersecurity, digital marketing, social media, digital transformation, parental guidance, educational technologies and many other different topics which are relevant in this modern age, referring to as fourth industrial revolution.
Other key features are to help readers develop interest and make informed decisions as they interact with different technologies in their daily lives or even at the work place or businesses. By continuous reading and remain updated with the topics being presented you will gain an understanding of basic and advanced concepts of ICT Matters. You are also expected you to gain a thorough understanding of understand the challenges and opportunities to bring about competitive advantages.
As we set the roadmap this about this column, it is very necessary to thank the Times of Zambia management for the continuous support.
The column is now on its Seventh year nonstop. The Information and Communication Technology Association of Zambia awarded this column as the best publication in the year 2019. The association also ward the author in 2017 for his contribution to the society.
Looking back from where we have come from and where we are going, there are people who have stood with us supporting the column by providing constructive feedback. The author take pride in the contributions.
We have achieved so much together. Success is as a results of coordinated efforts from others.
It is important and worthy to assure the readers that the author is a highly experienced and qualified individual with relevant qualifications. The content is based on the practical current trends and research.
He has a combined of over 20 years of experience in business development, sales, marketing, leadership, strategy, customer service, IT, cybersecurity roles and many others.
He is an ICT & amp; Cybersecurity Leader, Digital Transformation Leader, Technology Columnist, Educator, Speaker, and Dynamic Leader. Every day is a new challenge at providing solutions to clients from various sectors from telecom, transport and logistics, entertainment, fintech, FMCG, retail, finance, mining, among others. He enjoys profession supporting businesses to achieve growth, creating value, and delivering a positive return on investment.
Ali Kingston Mwila, Executive MBA, MEng ICT Security, BSc, PDS, AdvDip PM, DTVT, DIT, ITIL, MCP is an IT, cybersecurity and service delivery management instructor, author, columnist and consultant.
He specializes in governance, service delivery management, risk compliance management, digital forensics, network security, and enterprise networking. He enjoys teaching and mentoring students, blogging, and speaking in conferences and seminars. As an aspiring game-changer, Ali is passionate about developing cyber security awareness.
Ali is also the author of the following books: Everyday Digital and Lifestyle Transformation and Everyday Digital Revolution
For comments email: ICTMatters@kingston.co.zm; www.kingston.co.zm

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