Opposition MPs must observe order
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THE slogan often repeated in Parliament is “order, order”, no matter how much you feel, how much you are grieved, there is a laid down procedure of solving a problem.
Recent display by opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) in that august house over a new constitution somehow was breaching of parliamentary regulations.
By trying to walk over to the speaker to protest over the delayed constitution was a sign of disrespect rather than the subject of the matter.
It is very clear that there is a deliberate attempt of disorderly behaviour to disrupt Parliamentary proceedings at will.
Such behaviour should be condemned because it is not in any way solving the matter but could lead to lawlessness.
No matter how long the programme of making the constitution takes, disorderly behaviour would only aggravate the matter.
Nothing good can come out of a disorderly Parliament where people are too emotional and cannot debate well.
I, therefore, urge the opposition Members of Parliament to be calm and reason together.
Their ‘lessonning’ is centered on debate and resolutions by voting and not breaching Parliamentary regulations.
Why should MPs breach orders when they themselves should be leading examples of orderly behaviour?
So, it is just right for them to be calm and follow the procedure.
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