Why let mangoes go to waste?
Published On December 30, 2013 » 3708 Views» By Administrator Times » Letters to the Editor
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AS I sampled a mango from one of the trees in our backyard this past weekend, I was impressed with the taste and questioned myself as to why I’ve never tried that tree before. It was deliciously awesome through to the seed.
However, I observed with much anguish how most of the mangoes from that particular tree lay rotting on the ground.
Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with every house or yard that boasts of a mango tree.
Over the years, this country watches one of its abundant fruits go to waste every season around this time of the year.
As we reach the height of the mango season, discarded mangoes litter the ground, and the smell of decaying fruit taints the air. Tonnes of the succulent fruit are going to waste every day and no-one seems to be bothered about this.
I keep wondering whether it occurs to anyone that the wasted mangoes represent a wasted opportunity for economic growth?
I know someone is probably thinking, “there is no market for them because everyone has them.”
But perhaps this where we should be thinking of exporting this commodity. It is common knowledge that our mangoes are highly rated and I know they are far much better than those from our neighbouring countries.
Furthermore, are we not capable of creating and preserving mango products on a large scale and use or export them to boost our economy and also help to eliminate this wanton wastage?
If we package our mangoes, export them, put them in our supermarkets and label them with fancy names, would it be profitable?
The mango fruit is said to contain amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, minerals, organic acids, proteins and vitamins. Something needs to be done to enable us benefit more from our mangoes.
Countrymen and women, our mangoes are healthy and right here for the taking. Is this an opportunity for an investor? Is the Ministry of Agriculture truly at work on this?
Take time to taste this fruit today. You will be amazed the sweet it will add to this day.
Merry Christmas to everyone.

Kampa Senkwe.

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