Sister-brother marriage shocking
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When children are growing up it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to take care of them and monitor their movements. .

The story that appeared in the newspapers on January 2, 2014 of a man of Serenje who has stayed with his biological sister as his wife for more than 10 years is really incredible.

Marrying his own sister confirms that a lot of evil things are happening in homes out there.

What has really surprised me is the fact that for such a long period of time people like relatives or even neighbours did not get involved to stop the rot?

Are we too busy to mind about our neighbours?

Parents who are keeping both boy and girl relatives should monitor their children‘s movements because I feel such sexual relationships start when children are still young and staying together.

It is easy to tell if something fishy is going on between the children.

All in all, that marriage should not be allowed to continue and both the brother (husband) and the sister (wife) need to undergo psychosocial counseling so that they can come back to their senses!

What information will children born out of this have in their minds.

They too need care and must never be isolated because of their parents’ wrong doing.

Let’s learn to care about our neighbours because if people really cared this marriage should have been avoided in the first place unlike discovering when even children have been born. Who will take care of children if the two are jailed?

Gady Mwamba Museka


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