90 cheers KK!
Published On April 28, 2014 » 1537 Views» By Moses Kabaila Jr: Online Editor » Opinion
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AS Zambians toast First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s 90th birthday, it is important that citizens reflect on the achievements that the Statesman managed to record for this great nation.
A beacon of peace and a united people, is what Zambia stands for today.
This we owe to Dr Kaunda’s visionary leadership from the time he and his comrades embarked on a journey to gain political freedom.
Celebrations marking Dr Kaunda’s birthday commenced early this month and throughout the period, messages and various activities have taken place in his honour.
Without doubt, the 90-year-old leader has been humbled by this memorable event and how the citizens have appreciated his contribution.
Messages from outside Zambia continue to pour in signifying the recognition that Dr Kaunda fondly known as KK, draws from around the globe for his contribution to different spheres of human endeavour.
President Michael Sata summarised the occasion by calling on Zambians to reflect on the sacrifices Dr Kaunda and his compatriots made to push the independence agenda. Other leaders and ordinary people have sent their congratulatory messages too.
Lives were lost, sacrifices made, decisions made enroute to independence and this was achieved at a great cost and memories linger fresh in Dr Kaunda’s mind.
Uniting the country’s 73 tribes under the slogan “One Zambia, One Nation”, is no small achievement and it is vital that no amount of division should be allowed to plunge this country into tribal or ethnic conflict.
To date, Dr Kaunda has reminded Zambians of the importance  of loving one another as one loves themselves. A Christian norm anchored in the 10 Commandments is what Dr Kaunda wants to see continue existing in this country.
Political divisions should not be allowed, hence as a nation built on the foundation of peace and unity, it is important that the legacy of peace and co-existence remains a guide for the country’s future.
Old wine is good wine, goes an adage and in the same vein the wisdom that Dr Kaunda possesses should be emulated by political leaders to govern this country on the path of continued peace for generations to come and for the country’s prosperity.
Across the continent and in particular the sub-Saharan region, Dr Kaunda joined several other comrades; the likes of the late Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Samora Michel and other great sons of Africa, to help them fight for their independence.
Dr Kaunda’s efforts won him recognition during last year’s African Union (AU) Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he emphasised the need for Africa to remain a united front.
It is because of KK’s stance against regionalism, tribalism that Zambia has not experienced any civil wars and bloodshed like some independent countries and as a result, the country has received its fair share of accolades as an oasis of peace.
It is only through peace that a country can develop thus harnessing peace should be a continuous process.
Dr Kaunda has also focused efforts on promoting the fight against HIV/AIDS and once again, he has attracted international recognition and applauds in this noble endeavour and placed Zambia on the world map.
On this occasion, Zambia stands as a proud country to mark Dr Kaunda’s birthday.
We remember and appreciate the efforts and sacrifices, he and others undertook to make Zambia what it is today.
Such is a leader that Zambians are celebrating his 90th birthday. Long live KK!

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