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TV review logo -Sam Phiri NewIT’s really interesting to simultaneously watch two similar-in-nature reality shows – DStv’s South African Idols on Mzansi Magic channel 161 and Dreams on ZNBC’s TV1 on DStv channel 275.
This naturally creates good basis of comparison between the two programmes, especially that both have the same concept and method of determining the winner.
Of course, Zambia’s Dreams is by far relatively new compared to the 11-year-old South African Idols although that should never be the basis of accommodating mediocrity.
Before delving deeper into the analysis of the two programmes, let me begin by commending the show host Cleo ‘The Ice Queen’ for the job well-done so far.
Cleo, like a professional presenter who I feel she is, knows her limits very well and would never overdo things or imitate anyone.
She naturally flows so well with that element of originality thereby creating that unique Ice Queen signature!
In my analysis and opinion, Cleo has reached international levels of presenting only that she is underutilised and unexposed to the international platforms.
Let her be linked to one of these international platforms the way Zimbabwean former Big Brother housemate Vimbai has done, and see what I am talking about!
Vimbai is now one of the top presenters in Nigeria but we would not want to donate our own Ice Queen to another country, she is yet to light up Zambia on DStv’s Zambezi Magic from right here or through tours around Africa.
Now getting into the main business, I have followed Dreams and SA Idols with great passion for both but how I wished they were not running at the same time.
If I look at the calibre of the finalists the Zambian Judges came up with, I feel they did not do justice during the auditioning because what I am seeing among the contenders is rather questionable.
Yes, they can sing but up to what level is the major question.
Apparently, most Dreams hopefuls are coincidentally choosing the same songs which were done by SA Idols contestants.
If you have keenly followed the two shows the way I have, you would recall that one of top Idols contenders Mmatema did a Skyscraper song sending Unati into serious tears as she continued asking with disbelief: “Who are you? Where have you been? who are you my girl …?”
It was that good!
Now a week later, a Zambian Dreams contender who I shall not name did the same song where at some point cracked her voice.
It sounded like an audition to me because there were a number of lapses in the offering of the song compared to the original singer and South Africa’s Mmatema’s version.
I strongly feel the preliminaries of the show were not as restrictive as they are supposed to be by the judges thereby picking compromised hopefuls.
I am one of those who greatly believes that Zambia has better singers than South Africa as evidenced by two continental singing competition where Zambia’s Lindiwe beat South Africa’s Victor in the Project Fame competition to emerge winner of the competition.
The other one was Trinah Chisanga who was second runner-up in the Idols Africa won by a Zimbabwean.
I feel the problem is not the singers but the people behind the selection of the same contenders in the preliminary stages- the three judges.
Listening to their comments,(judges) I wonder what they really follow because listening to some of these contenders who they would highly praise, makes me feel there is something wrong with the sound of my television!
But what can they do at this stage after they already chose their finalists? Many would say Randall Abrams of Idols SA is very mean but that’s not it because the man simply wants nothing but the best!
Not going round circles, the level of music judging among the Zambian judges leaves much to be desired.
Now away from Dreams and Idols, last week I talked about the new and promising ZNBC reality show Junior President with the major call for the presenters to next time work on time management.
Suwilanji, the young man behind the creation of the programme, agreed with this platform’s observation on the mismanagement of time and that the next one is targeted at being close to perfect if not perfect.
From the same, I got interesting feedback from readers as well but I will only share with you one of the interesting comment I got from one Moses Zulu from Kabwe who wrote, “Hi Sam, Your article on the Junior president is on point but I thought Natasha, the runner-up deserved an award too.
“Perrykent won yes but behaved a little unprofessional as I expected him to at least show some gratitude to Natasha the girl who I feel was equally very brilliant.
“All in all I would agree with you that the show was very much near to perfect”. – Moses Zulu
Thank you so much Mr Zulu for your comment though I am reliably informed that the brilliant   Natasha Mwansa also pocketed K10,000.
On the unprofessionalism display by Nkole, I would simply say there are various ways of celebrating a victory and the Junior president showed us his own.
Let’s end here today but let’s keep the tradition of interaction through text or email alive.
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