Chipimo opts for parley seat
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NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) leader Elias Chipimo Jr has revealed that he will be contesting a parliamentary seat in the forthcoming tripartite elections.
This comes in the wake of Mr Chipimo announcing his pull-out from the 2016 presidential race.
Mr Chipimo, however, withheld the name of the constituency he was aspiring for but reliable sources revealed that he would be standing in Mporokoso Constituency.
The NAREP president said it would be important for him to set an example as a leader of a political party in leading the charge from Parliament in holding the Government accountable and making sure the right laws were passed.
“I believe that a constituency is a mini-version of a nation, so if one is able to demonstrate leadership in providing the development and ideas to improve the lives of the people, then we will be able to demonstrate leadership,” he said.
Mr Chipimo said that NAREP was not ready to compete at presidential level but would lead a number of NAREP members to contest at parliamentary and local government levels.
He said the party’s organisational structures, financial capability and other logistical preparedness were not where they were supposed to be for him to contest the presidency.
Mr Chipimo, who has had no representation in Parliament since the inception of the party, hopes to become the first NAREP MP.
The NAREP leader also said should he lose at parliamentary level, he would revisit his political life and make extensive consultations as to whether it would be a feasible path to take or not.

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