2014: Year of action, greater achievements
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As we enjoy the gift of life; and before we enter 2014, it is important to reflect on our past performance; and generate lessons that can make us do much better in 2014 than ever before.

This article is a continuation of what was published last week (21/12/2013) titled: ‘Xmas: Time for self-evaluation’ that appeared under this column.

It is assumed that one evaluated oneself; and traced one’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations. It is from such a background that it is further assumed that one might have set 2014 resolutions (goals) to improve on one’s career and life in general.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is remind our esteemed readers on the importance of timely and diligently implementing our 2014 resolutions to add value to our individual lives. We need to be more disciplined, focused and determined to achieve our 2014 resolutions.

This is because the failure to achieve our annual resolutions leads us to be static in our lives year-in and year-out. Life should not only be changing in increasing our number of years on Earth; but should also be changing in terms of improving on your academic and professional status or business activities that late lead to improving on our living standards.

In fact, it is the more individual citizens improve on their living standards; the more other citizens learn from those role models who have reduced on their poverty levels through discipline, determination and focus on their annual resolutions; and the more poverty levels are reduced in a country.

To achieve this, history is important. Biblical stories are also very important for each one of us. In short, life is full of lessons from which one can learn; and improve on one’s life.

As we say bye to 2013; and as we slowly enter 2014, it is important for us to take stock of what happened in 2013 which can help us be more effective in improving on our individual lives for the better.

How did you perform in 2013 academically, professionally, socially or as a businessperson? How do you compare your life expectations where you were young and now? Are you seeing your life improving for the better, static or you are in reverse gear? Why?

Therefore, the title of this article has deliberately been chosen to be ‘Learning from the wise men from the East’ not because the writer hails from the Eastern Province but because it plays the best case study in generating lessons to achieve one’s objectives in 2014.

Therefore, as we leave 2013 and entering 2014, it is time to evaluate our past performances in our academic, professional or business life.

Did I achieve what I had resolved to achieve in 2013? If yes, Why? If no, why?

Whatever the case may be make realistic resolutions of what you want to achieve in 2014. Set appropriate and realistic objectives for yourself for 2014.

It is such an objective or goal that this article refers to the Biblical story of the ‘Wise men from the East’.

The wise men from the East had an objective. The objective was to see the Son of Man: Jesus Christ where he was born in Bethrehem. It was a long journey. The journey might have been full of excitement and challenges. But the wise men from the East were determined to reach their destination.

They withstood all the exciting activities they saw on the way. They also endured the hardships of long walk, hunger and thirsty while travelling. They did not look back with an intention to return to where they came from. They weren’t distracted by beautiful women and the traditional dances they saw on their way to Bethrehem.

The seven day brews local women brew along the way were not an issue to them despite them being thirsty and hungry. They were determined, focused and committed to seeing the Son of Man: Jesus Christ.

This is the approach you should take if you want to achieve your 2014 objectives. As Dr Martin Luther King said: ‘Don’t look east, west, south or north. Look forward.’ This means be disciplined, determined and focused to achieve your 2014 objectives. It is your discipline, focus and determination that are strong prayers to invite more blessings from God: The Creator. It is proper no sweat, no sweet in 2014.

The wise men from the East were focused on what they wanted to achieve. Eventually, they achieve their goal. The found Jesus Christ in the cattle’s kraal in Bethrehem. The mission for the three wise men was accomplished upon seeing Jesus Christ.

One might say: “We were not there when the wise men from the East were travelling to Bethrehem; and therefore we might not know whether they had any challenges or not. May be the journery to Bethrehem was easier and more enjoyable than life today.”

You might be right in some way. But this is why challenges are not just meeting lions or big poisonous snakes on the way; but also meeting or seeing anything that might distract your focus on what you intend to do and for what purpose.

Consider how our personal programmes are sometimes disturbed or cancelled just because something else which was not on our prograwmme has cropped up. Consider how sometimes our financial resources are spent on unplanned for things. All such things that just crop up outside our annual resolutions and plans to achieve desired objectives are part of challenges.

This shouldn’t be case for you next year. In 2014, you and I should work extra hard. You will achieve whatever objective you have set now.

2014 is for more blessings. It is for more money in your pocket. You can make it a reality through personal hard work. If the three wise men from the East did it; and Zambians have been doing it, why can’t you do it? Were you not created in God’s Own Image like many other human beings?

This is one of the lessons each one of us can learn from as we enter 2014 after making our individual resolutions.

You shouldn’t backslide on your individual resolutions. Nothing, except God: The Creator (if He so wishes) should prevent you from achieving your 2014 goal.

In your resolutions for 2014, you are like the three wise men from the East. Ensure that you accomplish your mission.

It is said that life is a (successful o unsuccessful) series of projects. But it is better to have a series of successful projects.

To achieve this, no sooner should you make your resolution than you should start implementing it.

How you implement your plans determine your success or failure in achieving your annual objectives. It is either you make relevant progress or you remain static in life. Some people have always been in neutral or reverse gear every. Engage drive gear! Don’t be in neutral or reverse gear in 2014. It is time to move forward.

Remember that the difference between those who are well off and those who are poor is not only in setting objectives and planning but also in what they implement, how and when in relation to their objectives.

It is said that we, Africans are very good at planning. But we are said to be very poor at implementation. As usual, it is poor finishing that prevents most of us Africans from developing further and sustainably.

It is from this background that after travelling in many countries near and far; and seeing how developed some countries are compared to African countries, former Tanzanian president, late Julius Nyirere said: “While others are walking, we should be running because we are very late in development processes.”

Therefore, to be successful in your academic and professional studies or business venture, look back to what you have been doing and how.

Learn lessons from what you have been doing. Learn from others who you perceive to be doing well. Improve on what you have been doing and how.

Set realistic objectives of what you want to do. Set time frame for doing and achieving what you want to do and what to achieve respectively.

Remember that your time frame of implementing and achieving your objectives is between January and December, 2014. Make sure that it is done; and you achieve your objectives as planned in 2014.

If you approach life like it has been suggested in this article, by this time next year, you will be happy; and enjoying your 2014 achievements.

Happy New Year; and wishing you a prosperous 2014.

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