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ZAM-ROCK LOGOAS we wind up the year 2013, it is imperative to look back at comments made by some Zamrocker fans who gave unceasing moral support to this column.

Most of the comments are both inspiring and encouraging to this writer who will in the new year, continue to search for some more historical bands and music personalities that helped to lay a firm foundation for the development of Zambian music.

Hundreds of bands have been unearthed while some will never be, because they go beyond the knowledge of this writer as well as, some of the current old and middle-aged generation.

It is also important to mention that most fans have mistaken this writer to the famous comedian and former Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Ben Phiri, who is undoubtedly a brother, friend and comrade.

They have even gone to the extent of losing their temper because they thought supposed their idol was just pulling their leg.

But there are so many other Ben Phiris around as some readers have mentioned in some of their comments.

The Zambian Mission in New York also revealed that our own Nashil Pitchen and Peter Tsotsi Juma who spent years in Nairobi, are actually documented as being Kenyans.

On the other hand, there is also one man who made the Zambian music industry what it is troday and his name is Edward Godfrey Khuzwayo, whom Zambian music followers never stop enquiring about.

Here are some of the many comments that made part of this year.


Dear Mr Phiri, greetings!

Kindly search for Mwenda Wamicheni on Face book and you will find a list of greatest musicians of Kenya in the past 50-post independence era. Our own Peter Tsotsi Juma and Nashil Pitchen Kazembe are on the list compiled by Bruce Odhiambo from Kenyans’ contribution.

It is interesting that some Kenyans think Tsotsi was Kenyan. I posted the link to the Times of Zambia. Read the comments too, it might be an interesting follow up.Your Piece on Tsotsi was great-Chibaula D. Silwamba, First Secretary for Press and Public Relations, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia to the United Nations, New York.


Good morning Ben, I enjoy reading your articles. Two weeks ago, I heard that Ben Phiri was admitted to Maina Soko hospital and I went to visit you only to find a different patient but the same name.

I chatted with the patient and I was satisfieid that I have done good in the eyes of GOD for correction.

I recently saw Colonel Douglas Mbiya, I am pretty sure he is not dead as you stated in your article on Green Buffaloes Combos. Verify – Lieutenant Colonel George Mayondi (rtd).


After this writer apologised for the mix up through him, the Colonel responded- ” Am unable to deliver the apology to Colonel Mbiya, we hardly meet. Your names must be very common. Imagine it was another Ben Phiri, not even the comedian, the one I know. All the same, I do enjoy your articles.There existed some outfit called THE BLUES. for Mr Kawusu, any history on them?


Okay, you are just too many mwee! (Ben Phiris) I hope you are all good guys, before one causes the other some havoc for mistaken identity – Unkown.


Comedian, PS and writer, my genius! You don’t cease to amuse me with your vast wisdom, talent and intelligence. I thought Iam a Pastor and yet Iam your disciple-Philip Banda.


Ben, you tell me you are the short-lived PS? No hard feelings ..or since you are already so many Ben Phiris. Imagine, I know more than four John Musondas similar to Ben Phiri case.Good Night. – Unknown


Hello once more, my name is Obert Mwilima, Merry Christmas. Just want to know if you will have something on paper about Mr E.G. Khuzwayo. He is making four Years on 20th (December) since his demise.


I am reading about Ras Willie, Good article indeed and addictive.-Unknown.


Another intersting story, I enjoyed reading the Gears profile, Good Evening. – Billy Mushongo, Livingstone.


Hello Ben,

I have just been reading your informative article on our folk music legend (Alick Nkhata). I am glad to learn about his collaboration with the other folk giant Emmanuel Mulemena. However, on the video clips shot in the market, I suspect you are referring to the ones in which Emmanuel Mulemena features Charles Muyamwa, the latter playing melodic and solo accompaniments. I could be wrong but please check.-Misheck M’hango, Mufulira.


Dear Ben,

I am an Italian collector of Beatles’ covers translated in other languages (I collected almost 3,000 songs in more than 100 languages and dialects).

So far, I found just a couple of covers in African languages.

I read your interesting article about Zambian (Lusaka) Beatles-like bands in the 60s, and maybe you can help me.

Do you know if some Zambian band has ever translated some Beatles’ song?

Thank you, -Alessandro, Rome


Good day my brother, Botswana-based Zambians would like to participate in this discussion on your history of Zamrock. We often discuss such past glory at our local oasis in Gaborone. We do lack certain up to date information on our great Zamrockers, but hope that by being in the loop of the discussion, we may also contribute in our small way. Keep the home fires burning bro. -Clement Lupili-Gaborone.



After reading your Tropicals story I was left wondering whether the Steve Kalenga you talked to is the same who was in Black Blood? Remember the dudes that did Yesu Wabasungu. Shed some light.-Leonard Koloko.

-After a search, it was found that, it is a different Steve Kalenga who also lived in Nairobi, Kenya.


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