Govt should regulate private school fees
Published On March 25, 2016 » 3555 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Letters to the Editor
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I Am kept wondering why we are paying high school fees of K3,600 per child when we still see old reading books that were bought by ZCCM with ripped pages and covers circulating.
In addition to that, this school holds ‘civilian day’ celebrations twice in a term where our children pay K5 and in class they are about 25. If we calculate, the school raises as much as K9,025 per class by charging every child K3,600 and K5 twice in a term, and the classes are from reception to Grade 12.
How much money does this school make? Is there no way Government can regulate these private school fees?
As much as we appreciate their commitment in attaining good pupil results, they should not be charging fees that are so high.
Imagine if you have four children at this school, how much will it cost per term?
These fees above are just for the reception up to Grade Four. From Grade Five to Seven the fees are different up for Grade 12.
Please management, try to be reasonable. We appreciate the skills that our children are getting from there but do not charge exorbitantly.

Concerned Parent

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