New text books ‘shallow’
Published On March 25, 2016 » 3508 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Letters to the Editor
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Government has continued to increase the budget allocation to support education in the country.
This year, Government has supplied text books in most subjects to schools countrywide.
However, the content of most books is not in line with the approved syllabi. Most books have information gaps hence being irrelevant to both teachers and learners.
The books bought in the past have more information than the new books.
What is shocking is that a single publisher has supplied these irrelevant books.
I challenge the minister of General Education to investigate this syndicate.
There is no  way Curriculum Development Centre can approve shallow books.
I am a civic education specialist and after scrutinising the new books, my observation is that these books lack the information which the objectives in the syllabus requires.
Most teachers from other subject areas have also complained.
Government spent huge sums of money on these books that are not serving the intended purpose in our schools.
Using the newly supplied books is an academic suicide.
There are a lot of highly qualified teachers in Zambia whose massive experience can be ultilised to come up with high quality books.
Mediocrity compromises standards.
Shi Mwai,

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