Fever season II, Kabanana coming
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TV review logo -Sam Phiri NewAFTER a dramatic ending of the much publicised Zambian series Fever, a new announcement has been made that season two of the series is imminent.
However, what should prove more interesting is the re-screening of Zambia’s first soap opera Kabanana!
In responding to last week’s review on the dramatic ending of the very short series Fever, Mwiika Malindima, public relations manager of MultiChoice Zambia announced that as Global Studios are working on season two of Fever, other productions like Kabanana are available.
The rescreening of Kabanana should be a welcome move considering that on the local front, it has proved to be a modestly good effort that deserves further encouragement.
The picture quality and sound is of acceptable standards such that a few years ago in 2010, Kabanana hit the Africa Magic Plus screens.
According to the then M-Net managing director Biola Alabi who came to Zambia to officially launch the screening of Kabanana on Africa Magic Plus alongside the Africa Magic channels, the Zambian production equalled international standards.
Cast aside the local critique that surrounded the soap in its infancy stages and see what slip-ups it had which could be worked on to perfection today.
Now, getting back to Fever, as stated last week, critically analyzing the ending of Fever, it would be interesting to see how the jinx would be broken as Masozi was seen setting the Mvula House on fire with almost all the key actors inside.
The announcement of season two of the same series simply sends a clear message that all actors are alive!
Now, season two might not be coming soon but going by what was seen last Tuesday, that seems to have been a repeat of the very last episode of Fever it still leaves a question.
Many, just like this platform would have asked the question as to why the show started by repainting the last episode instead of the first one. Now we get to the mail box.
Last week, this platform received a number of messages which I feel should be shared.
Hello Sam,
Have you paid attention to how your namesake Samuel Manchishi from ZNBC overdoes his introductory remarks when reading the news and sometimes even makes mistakes in trying to be unique?
Jason Kabaso

Hi Mr Kabaso, this platform really appreciates and values your observations although I have not paid much attention to what you have raised.
Nevertheless, I will certainly pay critical attention and provide you with my independent opinion on the matter.
Mr Sam Phiri, I hope you are well.
Let me start by complaining that I have been contributing to your column but you don’t publish my opinions.
I don’t know why. However, I would like to differ with you on the issue of Innocent Kalaluka usage of the word Weeeleee whenever Zambia scores or any other FAZ Super Division Club.
I agree with the man who said it was more of a street language which should be done away with…I have not heard Franklin Tembo Jr or Matimba Nkonje bring out such expressions. So I tend to differ with you.
Kelvin Mbewe,

Mr Mbewe,
First I would like to apologise so much for not publishing your contributions. But this should not in anyway discourage you from contributing.
We will from now try all ways possible to accommodate three or four contributions every week depending on the magnitude of the topic.
Now coming to the issue of Innocent and his weeleee, I would still contend that I see no problem in that expression.
Comparing Innocent to Matimba or Franklin will not be fair because these are three different individuals with unique styles.
If you have been following the Africa Cup qualifying games specifically the game between South Africa and Morocco, I think you will understand why I insist the Weeeleee exclamation is not a problem.
Consider this: A commentator was recently stunned with a long range equalising goal shot and he just exclaimed, ‘Oh! Hohohohooooo!’
To the commentator, that was the best way of saying: ‘it’s an amazing or stunning goal!’
On the local front, ‘weeeleee’ is a lingua franca expression so much allowed in entertainment language mainly soccer as an accolade to celebrate a goal!
This platform still finds Innocent really innocent regarding the usage of the commonplace shout.
Let us end here today.
Please let us hear your opinions on different matters regarding our local television text 0962215687 email samphiri77@gmail.com

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