Whose slogan is Mpaka Litente?
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Radio new new - jackieTHE Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) are two political parties whose campaign songs have dominated the airwaves so far.
As a way of stating its non-partisan stance, Radio Phoenix professionally runs a disclaimer right at the start and end of every political jingle; “This is a political advert from the party concerned.”
Mpaka litente, is a slogan adopted from the football fraternity to mean that until the ‘net shakes’, denoting goals that shake the back of the goal net.
Interestingly, this slogan is being used by ‘rival’ political parties in their campaign songs, one then wonders which political party initiated the Mpaka litente slogan.
We have heard a number of political songs that have been composed and play on radio whose lyrics counsel and rebuke politicians.
Not only are such songs opportune in times like now when Zambia goes to the polls, but could be awakening to would-be voters who listen to the radio.
Take  for example a song played last week by Valentine Mukuka, who is ‘the DJ Veep, Man with Information, son of a Carpenter’ on the programme ‘Catholic Social Teachings’ on Radio Icengelo.
This is a song done by one reggae artiste, Culture titled; Elections:
“Yes you, Mr. Politician
We’re not blind, we seeing you
You use the people’s misery for your prey
And you use war to be a business
Now I want you to deal with something now in the new millennium
How long this a go continue?
And how long you believe you ago last?
I wonder why politician them won’t go ‘way
Rasta can’t get no peace inna this land
I wonder why politician them won’t go ‘way
Rasta can’t get no peace on the land
Rasta children run them ‘way
Drive them ‘way
When them come, come talk ‘bout election
Iahbingi run them ‘way
Drive them ‘way .”
Social Teaching is one uncompromising programme on which guests, among them Catholic priests who discuss issues affecting the community.
The message in song can be loud and clear to both the electorate and aspiring candidates to assert their minds.
One Zambian reggae artiste Maiko Zulu, who is coincidentally vying for a parliamentary seat in Kabwata Constituency in Lusaka remixed a Rikki Ililonga old time piece, Olemekezeka, to mean Honourable.
In that song politicians are reminded of their past and the promises they make to serve the people, yet end up misappropriating funds meant to develop the constituency.
The influence of messages in songs, especially those done at political rallies has an impact on would be voters.
The song that played in the background on Radio Christian Voice (RCV) during the confession of Ian Chipoka was that of American gospel singer Shirley Caesar’s ‘Satan We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down.’
This was when Chipoka denounced a prophet he accused of giving out charms for magical powers to pull crowds, make prophecies and perform miracles in church. Below are lyrics of the said song:
“Satan, we’re gonna tear your kingdom down Satan, we’re gonna tear your kingdom down. You’ve been building your kingdom, all over this land
Satan, we’re gonna tear your kingdom down.”
Going by the topic that was being discussed, it was appropriate that a song with a related message play in the background.
Shalom Zambia, that unique religious programme on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)’s Radio 4 had a different presenter in Ken Mwansa last week.
Mr Mwansa though, isn’t new on the programme as he is one of those who pioneered the programme before Leah Lenga.
Rabbi Alex Lenga was, however, on hand with a discussion, this time centred on how the advent of Smart Phones has been interfering with marriages.
Discussing the effects of radio and how presenters ought to behave while on air,  Dannet Siame and David Maxi Mus  realized they were talking over a Daddy Zemus song, ‘Zegede Zegede Zegede’ and replayed afresh.
This was on Sun FM Monday late night presentation.
Stay tuned, don’t touch that dial! – jackmwewa@gmail.com   0955115777

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