New MAGUL release on cards
Published On July 2, 2016 » 3061 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Entertainment, Music
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UPCOMING musician Mapesho Nchimunya Lubozya is this year planning to release an album entitled, Mistaken For Your Bally.
Lubozya, who calls himself MAGUL, an acronym for Mighty Animal Going Untamed, said the new album carries a positive message of being
“When you create rap music, most people always think you use vulgar speech, you are violent and sag (your pants). But that is not how some
rap musicians are. We are also respectful and not too excited. Lubozya started music in 2007 before he released a single, Words Pain, in 2012.
In 2015, MAGUL did a cover song in Tonga called Hampebede, which talks about endurance.
Besides his career in music, Lubozya works with Apollo Media which is supported by Chilanga District Commissioner Edith Muwana.
Apollo Media works among young people in Chilanga.
“I work with Apollo Media which promotes various young artistes in Chilanga. It focuses on youth empowerment activities such as photo
shoots, magazine production and modelling for girls. All this is made possible because of the district commissioner in Chilanga,” he said.
Lubozya gets his inspiration from South African band Cashtime Jozi which he says motivated him to go a step further in creating music in a traditional way, using a different language other than English. Locally, the singer is inspired by the likes of FJ and Karasa.

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