Muvi TV licence ban harsh
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TV review logo -Sam Phiri NewLAST week, this platform received overwhelming feedback especially on the issue of political reporting by some of our famous television personalities.
We would have loved to publish some of the comments but we have decided to save them for next week as there are a number of pressing issues to discuss this week.
Now, this platform will never take pleasure in the suspension of any television station as we believe that life today evolves around mass communication.
Despite the reasons, we are hit by the suspension of broadcasting licence for the privately owned media institution Muvi TV that had made huge strides in modern television.
However, this platform had in the past tried hard to advise and give constructive censorship to Muvi TV, ZNBC and other TV stations on the issue of unprofessionalism in their offering of content.
It was, however, surprising that Muvi TV out of the rest decided to pay a deaf ear to this platform’s advice.
This platform even received a comment from one official whose name we shall withhold that nothing, not even our comments would make them adjust or respond to us the way Masuzyo Ndhlovu and MultiChoice public relations manager Mwiika Malindima would professionally do.
This does not mean that we are happy that the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has taken that stern step on Muvi TV because that simply means the halting of progress in television development.
Like many other stakeholders like MISA Zambia and Press Association of Zambia (PAZA), I would have been glad if this punitive measure gave certain restrictions to the station unlike completely suspending its operations.
This move has not only affected the members of staff at Muvi TV but the large masses of viewership that had even paid for the service.
Muvi TV is a pay television which makes it a little bit intricate for those who might have subscribed for 12 months in advance.
What happens to their subscription fees?
It is however, the wish of this platform that whatever might have necessitated the suspension of the Muvi TV licence be quickly addressed and station reopened.
This platform is not in anyway undermining the IBA’s decision but strongly believes that there are many ways of killing a rat; one of which might not need the absolute licence suspension.
Anyway, this platform just has to wait for the outcome of what the IBA’s decision on the matter but truthfully speaking, it will be delighting to see Muvi back on air.
Away from suspensions, we turn focus on DStv’s Zambezi Magic channel 160 where interesting Zambian programmes are now taking centrestage.
It is only good to give credit where it is due because when Zambezi Magic was launched, barely a year ago, it had more than 95 per cent of South Africa’s content with only two Zambian yet the name is derived from the mighty Zambezi River.
There were only two Zambian shows, but now, it is delighting to see countless numbers of Zambia production that have vindicated and put a huge smile on Mwiika’s face.
Some of the Zambian shows that are now showing on this conglomerate channel include: Kumwesu, Njila, Love Games, Kabanana, Zed Top 10, Talk with Kwangu, Nkani Ya Mu Sisi, Paya One, Kuyamika and what might take viewers by storm-the Zambian Version of My Perfect Wedding!
This platform is glad because Zambia has really grabbed this opportunity with creative hands and now showcasing its talent.
If within 12 months Zambia can produce such a good number of interesting content, the future is certainly bright for the television content production.
Now, today Idols South Africa gets into an interesting phase where only the top 16 will be selected to go to the next round of the competition.
This is a stage where viewers take charge of who remains and who goes through a vote.
Many who did their best to remain in the top 16 brackets  get to get their fate this evening at DStv channel 161 starting at 17:30 CAT.
It is clear that from today people will have their favourite and this platform will be able to give you its prediction on the possible last two contenders and possible winner of this year’s edition.
Let me conclude by thanking my two friends Paul Shalala and Bangwe Navile for the feedback he posted on their Facebook pages on last week’s topic.
We end here today and we hope to get more of your interesting comments on 0962215687 or 0974372181 or indeed email

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