Call for national unity timely
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UNITY is the act of working together and this can only be achieved when a national language exists.
Unity is the act of joining together and working together as one to achieve a common goal according to political experts.
When all the people of a nation join together and work collectively for the well-being of the country, it is called national unity.
This feeling of national unity is crucial to lead the nation towards its progress and prosperity.
This feeling of national unity helps strengthen the nation. Unity promotes peace and love in a nation.
Where people are united, they can put efforts in elimination of vices like corruption. It gives people a sense of security for they are able to know each other better and understand each others’ sensitivity.
Unity promotes co-operation and opens opportunity to excellence.
Having travelled around the countryside, this author has interacted with people residing in these remote areas belonging to different religions and traditions.
They have different cultures and they observe different traditional ceremonies. This diversity of religions, languages and cultures is our own identity.
They are like different flowers in a garden. The beauty of the garden lies in the varieties of its  flowers and fragrance.
Whatever culture and customs we follow, we are all Zambians and are the beautiful flowers of the same garden of Zambia.
During my primary school days we used to sing ‘Zambia is our country with a beautify land and people.’  It’s like a pretty flower all over the land.
The progress of this country is our own progress while its misfortune is the misfortune of every Zambian.
Thus, there is unity in diversity.
It is also part of a nation and a person’s heritage. To understand and penetrate deep into a community, one must be able to speak and understand the language of the community.
President-elect Edgar Lungu yesterday used the Kulamba traditional ceremony to issue a clarion call for national unity and tolerance across the political divide and all facets of the Zambian society.
Mr Lungu, at Mkaika Palace in Katete yesterday, called for national healing and stressed the need for all citizens to preserve Zambia’s cherished record as a peaceful and stable democracy founded on the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto.
He regretted the recent acts of political violence as a scar on the conscience of the nation and warned perpetrators of stern action.
“It is against this backdrop that I wish to underscore the importance for every citizen to uphold the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto which our forefathers bequeathed our great Republic,” he said.
In as much as every citizen of the country is aspiring towards a developed country presupposes that the ideals of a unified country must be evident in every aspect of our efforts at sustainable national development.
Writing this piece brings to mind the call of the President-elect to all Zambians to come forward and build a unified country.
The President-elect Lungu in his astute leadership in the past year has made tremendous efforts towards national cohesion which is reflected in his ambition of having a Government of national character.
Upon achieving the people’s endorsement to govern the affairs of State for the next five years, many believed that it was as a result of the achievements he made in the short period he had been President.
Even though the last administration had made remarkable successes, much or better is now even expected in the Government agenda for prosperity.
The expectations will take different shapes considering the socio-economic milieu of Zambia.
The call to national unity to a larger extent will be seen as a ray of hope for a new Zambia.
A call to a unified country is being reinforced in Mr Lungu’s statement that he has entered a new contract with the people of this country.
This is a contract that will be focusing on youth employment, training of the youth in seizing the immense employment opportunities in the infrastructural, mining, agricultural and investment sectors.
Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the power of prayer.
Unity honours the universal truths in all religions and respects each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path.
The nation is a cultural entity that binds people together on the basis of culturally homogenous ties common or related blood, a common language, a common historical tradition, common customs and habits.
Parekin Nna once observed that individuals are the units of integration, and members of a nation are integrated as they share a common identity.
Unity occurs when all of the elements of a piece combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole.
Unity is another of those hard-to-describe art terms but, when it is present, your eye and brain are pleased to see it.

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