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Radio new new - jackieFLAVA FM radio can broadcast from anywhere other than their Kitwe base, station owner Chishala Chitoshi, an accomplished broadcaster has hosted live shows from as far as Europe.
Chitoshi known as Gesh Groove on and off air has previously aired live shows from South Africa, Germany, Australia capturing and entertaining Zambians living in those areas.
Confirming the slogan of broadcasting from anywhere at any time, listeners are able to get Gesh streaming and tuning to 87.7 FM.
In one of his outside broadcasts, Gesh hosted two of yesteryear’s indelible names on the Zambian wall of club deejays; Anif Adams who was called Pepe and Peter Mbewe who was DJ P Funk.
The two pioneer club deejays recollected their hey days when they played music in various clubs across the country.
In that interview Mr Mbewe explained how, against all odds managed to jam and at the same time excel academically, earning two degrees, held top administrative positions.
As for Mr Adams having worked in the airline industry, a seemingly introvert to this day, his calm and good character makes him likeable personalities. He is a trained pilot.
Gesh has previously hosted the London-based one time Zambia’s best deejay Teddy Daka, then, fondly known as Man Child when he visited Zambia last year.
Looking back (Pt 2) …
We continue picking selected items that made headlines in this ending year Denouncing Xenophobia on radio.
AS reports of xenophobic attacks in South Africa came to the fore, campaigns to denounce the scourge abound, and radio was one channel at hand that was used.
We heard of how most radio stations in Zambia and at least in Tanzania shunned playing South African music on radio as a way to express displeasure against the killing of innocent Africans by fellow
Africans in South Africa.
Radio, like it has been used to address several calls in the past, so, it was this time around in order to reach a wider audience at the same time.
For Radio Chimwemwe in Ndola, a presenter whose name we missed made great efforts to contact a South African in that country who explained the situation live on air, thought that was innovative.
While discussing xenophobic attacks, this presenter played a song whose theme was accurate and appropriate calling for a stop to violent killing of one another.
Keeping the dial at fighting xenophobia, Karen Nakawala and Mannaseh Phiri chatted and played African music that called for love and tolerance among Africans.
JULIUS PHIRI, a Chipata-based Times of Zambia staff listens to radio, he sent us the account below; Eastern Province has a number of radio stations dotted in Lundazi, Petauke, Chipata, Nyimba and Katete District.
Breeze FM
With updates and programming, Breeze FM can be described as one of the best radio stations in the province. The radio, since its establishment over a decade ago, has proved to be the most reliable station with proper programming with the latest updates on their news.
Feel Free Radio Station
Feel Free Radio has also attracted listenership in the province in other parts of the country and neighbouring countries such as Malawi and Mozambique.
Radio Maria Zambia
Radio Maria Zambia, is one of the oldest radio stations in Eastern Province but currently being owned by the Catholic Church.
Christianity programmes
As indicated earlier, the competition by the radio has began between the local radio stations (found in Chipata) and those found outside like QFM, Parliament.
Why not mention the ‘tabloid’?
Radio listeners have for a long time bored by news items reading; “Government has condemned comments attributed to an article which appeared in a NAMED TABLOID.”
Much as the whole idea of concealing a particular publication in which such comments could have been published is meant to avoid litigation, it is a cliché.
Former Information Minister Chishimba addressed the media condemning The Post newspaper for publishing what he said was a leaked Government secret document.
At that press briefing, Mr Kambwili displayed a copy of that particular Post newspaper edition which had edition number, author and publication, his picture was also shown on television.
Radio listeners wonder why some radio stations could not go ahead to state that the minister was actually responding to an article published in the Post newspaper, a copy he was holding in his hands.
Lamba, on Radio Chimwemwe
Introduction of a programme in ici-Lamba language on Ndola’s Radio Chimwemwe is timely and optune.
Lamba, a dialect spoken by the Lamba-speaking people of the Copperbelt Province is an exhilarating language if ‘handled’ well by those who can speak it fluently.
With Government’s encouragement for school s to introduce teaching low grade pupils in vernacular languages that are widely spoken in respective provinces, airing it on radio is another way of popularising Lamba.
Other than making it simply a phone-in programme where listeners call in to share their concerns, the presenter could improve it by, maybe featuring people who would explain Lamba origins, cultures and traditions.
We appreciate Moses Mulaisho and Simon Powanga, the two presenters who have been trying to popularise the language on radio.
Dear Jack
From last week’s topic on the absence of x-mass jingles. Matameo Siame, while appreciating Radio Phoenix as the only one radio playing Christmas jingle complements, wondered why the subject is only mention at the end.
Anthony Nyirongo Daddy in Kabwe wrote, thinking I was the deejay on air last Saturday.
A.N writing from Luanshya agreed with our concern for lack of Christmas jingles on air and further said most of the songs played on radio don’t deserve air play.
Stay tuned, don’t touch that dial! – jackmwewa@gmail.com   0955115777

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